How Hospitality is

Turning Green

Over the past few decades, research has emerged that highlights the benefits that access to nature in the workplace provides, both to employees and employers. 


Plants Promote

Mental Well-Being & Productivity

Today, most employers recognize the importance of the work environment to job satisfaction and performance. At a time when less than half of workers report being satisfied with their jobs , a high-quality workspace is arguably more vital than ever before.


Compounding on questions of job satisfaction are the ever-increasing amounts of stress employees are subjected to in their tasks and duties day-to-day. In fact, a Harvard University study found that 43 percent of workers believe their job negatively impacts their stress levels.


While there are many paths companies might take to create a more active, biophilic space for their team members, one of the most efficient methods is incorporating plants into the work environment.


Plants Create 

Healthier Workplaces

In a study by the New University of Technology Sydney, plants were placed in offices for a three-month test period. The research showed that those workers with plants situated throughout their workplace experienced a 30-60 percent reduction in stress levels and negative feelings. Comparatively, those without greenery reported increases in overall negativity by 20-40 percent.


Plants not only are positive agents in the reduction of stress, they can also shift an employee’s sense of well-being as a whole. Those with access to natural elements in their workspaces experience increased perceptions of well-being by up to 15 percent.


Benefits to Employees

Reduce Cold & Flu-like Symptoms

In a study by the Agricultural University of Norway, just three plant containers were added to an office environment. After the three-month experiment, workers reported reductions in coughing (37 percent), fatigue (30 percent), stuffy nose (28 percent) and dry throat (24 percent), among other symptoms).


Studies from NASA reinforce the claim, stating that, “Plants absorb and break down the most harmful of indoor chemicals through their leaves to create a healthy indoor ecosystem. Just three plants in a room can vastly improve the air in the space (n.d.).”


The organization also asserts that airborne mold spores and bacteria can be reduced by up to 60 percent using plants.


Cold and flu-like symptoms make it difficult for employees to do their jobs and manage their personal lives to the best of their abilities. With simple plant installation solutions, employers can ameliorate these issues.








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