3 Major Factors that Increase Labor Productivity

Employee productivity has always been a topic of interest among business types, but lately, the subject seems to be popping up everywhere. And it’s gaining traction because all these new-fangled ideas are actually working.

From taking regular breaks to cutting down on multitasking to minimizing interruptions, there are a plethora of valid methods out there. We’ve decided to focus on three that we feel should be at the top of every business owner/manager’s priority list.

1. Stimulating Office Design - Upon redesigning their offices, a Detroit-based insurance company saw 137% decrease in the time it took employees to process paperwork, a 9% drop in errors and a 2.8% drop in absenteeism.

Likewise, when the Bank of Boston completed renovations on a newly leased building, they were able to “perform the same amount of work in 30 percent less space with 25 percent less staff.”  Not only did the project make the bank’s new site a showpiece, but it also paid for itself in less that two years.

2. Air Quality - A recent Harvard study placed “24 ‘knowledge workers’ — managers, architects, and designers — to spend six days, over a two-week period, in a highly controlled work environment”, where some of the participants were placed in rooms with “minimally acceptable” air quality, while others were placed in rooms with “optimal” air quality

At the end of each day, the subjects were tested for “decision-making performance” and, not surprisingly, the ones who breathed the optimized air produced higher test scores “across nine cognitive function domains,” especially in the areas of strategic decision making, planning, preparedness and strategizing during crises.

3. Plants - The great thing about plants is that, as far as improving productivity, they kill three birds with one stone. Not only are they, themselves, productivity enhancers, but they can be a major element in fantastic office design and are proven to boost air quality.

A University of Melbourne study found that just looking at plants makes concentration levels rise:

“150 subjects (were given) a menial task that involved hitting specific keystrokes when certain numbers flashed on a computer screen. After five minutes the subjects were given a 40-second break, and an image of a rooftop surrounded by tall buildings appeared on their screens.

Half the subjects saw a plain concrete roof; the others saw a roof covered with a green, flowering meadow. Both groups then resumed the task. After the break, concentration levels fell by 8% among the people who saw the concrete roof, whose performance grew less consistent. But among those who saw the green roof, concentration levels rose by 6% and performance held steady.”

And Dr. Chris Knight of Exeter University conducted studies that found that “employees were 15% more productive when "lean" workplaces are filled with just a few houseplants.”

Wish there were a simple, elegant way to implement all three factors at once?

There is now. Sagegreenlife Living Walls are living works of art that transform any space, improve air quality and offer an inspiring, stimulating atmosphere in which to work.

Built-In Walls

Our built-in walls can are fully customizable, from the types of plants a client prefers to the amount of wallspace they cover (they’re also able to wrap around corners and hug curves).

Connected directly to your existing plumbing system, our living walls are continually provided with just the right amount of water through special “drip tubes.” And our patented, non-decaying basalt rock fiber Biotiles™ supply all the necessary nutrients, which means our walls are practically self-sustaining.

Portable Walls

Our Verdanta™ line of portable walls are a great option for those who don’t have the wall space, aren’t able to modify walls or just want something they can move around. Whether gracing a wall or acting as a partition, Verdanta™ portables include a self contained irrigation system and only need a standard electrical outlet to work.

They can also be customized with lush, gorgeous plants on one side or two. Or, turned into a productivity tool by adding the Sage Productivity Wall writing surface on one side.

One Fell Swoop . . .

With Sagegreenlife Living Walls, you get it all: superb design, invigorating air and an exquisite profusion of plants that could double as an art installation. If you want to know more, reach out any time. Our design team’s ready to help you realize your vision and  turn your workspace into a showpiece.

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