3 Purple Plants that Pack a Visual Punch

Fans of plants in hues of lavender, fuchsia and plum have anthocyanins to thank for their purple-colored favorites. These water-soluble vacuolar pigments are responsible for the rich tones in blueberries, the vibrant reds in raspberries, and the deep, royal purples of eggplant skins, but show up in some of our go-to plant varietals as well.

Chemistry aside, purple plants make a strong visual statement in a space or within a larger garden design. They provide an unexpected pop of contrast that can liven up your desk or add interest to a lush living wall. Here are some of our favorites to use indoors:

Red Ripple Peperomia

This textured, waxy plant produces a royal purple hue that makes it popular among houseplant purchasers. Peperomias are friendly to the black-thumbed among us as well; they’re low-maintenance and easy to grow.

Photo source: The Lovely Plants


Also known as spiderwort, tradescantias grow in 75 distinct species. This trailing, leafy plant flourishes in well-drained soil and comes in a wide range of greens and purples. If you’re looking for that extra purple punch, try varieties like the vibrant purple heart and the deep-toned zebrina.

Photo source: The Spruce

Oxalis triangularis

Often referred to as purple shamrock or love plant, oxalis triangularis is an unexpected houseplant option. Providing bold violet coloring and lush, sprawling coverage, this lucky-leafed plant makes a big statement.

Photo source: Gardening Know How

If you’re searching for a new and different plant to integrate into your home or office, begin your search with these three colorful options! Each of them will beautifully integrate a range of purple colors into your space, and are simple to grow indoors.

At Sagegreenlife, our horticulturalists use species like these that are easy to maintain, hardy and visually appealing to create stunning garden walls. Contact us to learn more about incorporating living design into your space.

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