5 Green-Thumbed Instagrammers You Should be Following

For those of us who treat our plants like children, Instagram is a plant-filled trove of tips, inspiration, and fresh discoveries. Though many people across the globe relish in sharing their greenery photos, a select few have emerged as the “go-to” plant people on the social media platform. Here are a few of our favorites:

For detailed tips to keep your plants happy

Darryl Cheng of @houseplantjournal

Often called the “house plant Yoda”, Darryl covers everything from appropriate lighting and water to aeration and pruning. He’s a go-to for plant lovers, as he shares consistent, practical advice that even the black-thumbed among us can understand.

Photo: @houseplantjournal

For a community of like-minded greenery enthusiasts

@houseplantclub by @cleverbloom and @plantingpink

There’s an entire world of Instagrammers who love plants, and this account is where you can find them all. Curated by two greenery-loving ladies, users submit their images to be featured using the hashtag #houseplantclub. Tag your own images, and you just might see yourself on the feed!

Photo: @homebyfousna via @houseplantclub

For botanical-inspired art

Jenny Kiker of @livingpattern

This talented illustrator creates stunning works inspired by plants, ranging from prints to stationery to fabrics. Her work is inspiring, showing a deep appreciation for nature that a photograph can’t quite capture.

Photo: @livingpattern

For beautiful examples of plants in the home

Anne van Ours of @botanicalsandbillie

This green-thumbed Barcelona-dweller provides plenty of inspiration for her followers. There is often a new plant species popping up in her home, and it’s always exciting to see what she grows next!

Photo: @botanicalsandbillie

For artful plant photography


This Instagrammer is not only a gifted plant parent, but a particularly talented photographer, as well. The account is filled with beautiful images that will inspire you to take a second look at the plant life around you each and every day.

Photo: @plantshapes

Whether seeking plant care tips or searching for rare species, Instagram fits the wide world of plant life in your back pocket. Happy scrolling!

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