How to Be an Anti-Pollution Hero In the Most Delightful Possible Way

Most people realize that, in spite of the good faith efforts of many, our worldwide pollution problem is far from being solved, especially in urban environments.

Science has told us what we should and shouldn’t be doing, but unfortunately, technology and lack of real concern remain obstacles we’ve yet to surmount. But that doesn’t mean it’s not a battle worth fighting, or that substantial and immediate improvements can’t be made.

Plants: Our Symbiotic Life Partners

You learned all about it in grade school: plants create oxygen, which we need to survive; we, in turn, produce carbon dioxide, which they need to survive. Problem is, we’ve been overdoing it on our end.

Our vehicles, industrial plants, air conditioners, heaters, etc. pour massive amounts of CO2, into the atmosphere, while at the same time we clear away thousands of trees and miles of flora every year - it’s easy to see how the natural balance has knocked askew, to say the least.

The Urban “Street Canyon”

The pollutant/oxygen balance is obviously much more off kilter, and therefore more dangerous, in urban environments, especially in areas where a street is flanked on both sides by tall buildings, known as “street canyons.”

Street canyon air quality can be among the unhealthiest for people breaths, mostly due to trapped emissions recirculating between the buildings and, in many cases, absolutely no greenery to mitigate the CO2.

Worse yet, high levels of nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter, which are also harmful to people, get trapped in the canyons as well, making a simple walk to work a risky endeavor for thousands of people every day.

The Good News

A recent study has shown that planting greenery in street canyons can cut NO2 levels by as much as 40% and particulate matter by as much as 60%. Indeed, many cities have risen to the challenge by planting trees, which is fantastic. The only drawback is that trees take time to grow large enough to offer a significant benefit.

Hmmmm. If only there were a way to add a sizeable amount of greenery to an urban area in a relatively short time. Better yet, wouldn’t it be great if said greenery were relatively low-maintenance, climate-specific, an organic part of the cityscape and, once installed, a stunningly beautiful work of art?

Yeah, It’s a Real Thing. Introducing the Sagegreenlife Living Wall.

From initial design to installation, it takes roughly 8-10 weeks to have your own, fully grown, self-watering Sagegreenlife Living Wall. And not only does it help cut CO2, NO2 and particulate matter, but because the wall absorbs sound, it cuts down significantly on noise pollution as well.

Even better, Sagegreenlife Living Walls help buildings to earn certification through LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and WELL (Well Building Standard), which are both performance-based rating systems designed to reward building owners who’ve made priorities of public health, sustainability and environmental protection.

And the rewards of being LEED and/or WELL certified amount to more than a plaque on the wall, since owners who have earned them:

  • Promote the health and wellbeing of all employees, tenants and occupants.

  • Instantly increase the value of their property.

  • Attract and retain tenants, employees, clients and investors

  • Realize meaningful ROI (return on investment) through greater productivity, higher job satisfaction, decreased absences and increased business.

  • Enjoy outstanding public relations by establishing themselves (and their brand) as thought leaders who care about people and the environment.

We can’t think of many things better than helping people, raising capital and enjoying local rock-star status all at the same time . . .

So, whether you’re a building owner, city planner, architect, landscaper, politician, community activist, etc., if you live in an urban environment and would like to make a real difference in a singularly graceful and inspiring way, reach out to Sagegreenlife today. We’d love to begin planning with you.

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