BIOPHILIC DESIGN: How Sage can help you integrate nature into any space

You might've heard the word “biophilia” before, but might have been afraid to ask what it meant. Biophilia, Latin for “love of life or living systems,” is a term that is used to describe the innate tendency of humans to connect with and around living things, including plants. Edward O. Wilson  wrote the book on it (Biophilia, 1984), and hypothesized that this propensity is actually rooted in human biology.

Connecting with nature and living things has always been important to people, but as urban and suburban sprawl takes away more and more of our green spaces, the glaring gap left behind has never been more obvious.

As green spaces are replaced by urban and suburban development, architects and designers are incorporating nature into the interior and exterior environments they create.

Here are some examples where we have connected people with nature from office buildings to restaurants.


The benefits of biophilic design go beyond its visual beauty. While people often think of city air as dirty with car exhaust and other fumes, indoor air can actually be 12 times more polluted than outdoor air. Plants are highly effective at removing pollutants from the air, naturally improving air quality.

Improved air quality means increased wellness, which everyone would agree is a good thing. Who likes to be sick? In addition to increased wellness, studies show that spaces with more plants caused increased productivityproductivity and happiness among employees.

All of which points to the main benefit and the very root of biophilia: the happiness and sense of wellbeing that people feel around plants.

While there are many ways to achieve biophilic design, sagegreenlife makes incorporating plants into design easier than ever. The living walls are low maintenance and water efficient, making a large impact with less work and mess than traditional soil-based potted plants. Sagegreenlife’s line of products are incredibly flexible, ranging from individual design products to living walls of virtually any size.

The sagegreenlife team takes you through the whole process, from design to installation to maintenance, so you don’t need a green thumb to have a beautiful biophilic installation in any space, indoors or outdoors.

Check out our capabilities and get in touch here.

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