Condominiums Need Never Be Boring Again with Sagegreenlife Vertical Gardens

One of the biggest advantages of living in a condominium is the absence of tedious yard work.

And one of the biggest disadvantages of living in a condo is that no yard work often means no green space or visual appeal.

Residents love the low-maintenance aspect of condominium living, but the lack of plants, gardens and yards can become monotonous and boring.

With Sagegreenlife vertical gardens, interior designers can offer city-dwelling design clients numerous advantages of low-maintenance living with an added aesthetic value and health benefits of having their own living gardens.

Condos need never be boring again.

Vertical gardens take any space from boring to beautiful.

Whether you’re designing an outdoor patio or creating a visually stunning focal point inside a client’s condo, a Sagegreenlife vertical garden fits the bill.

Condos don’t always come with a ton of visual appeal, so when clients are looking for ways to spruce up basic spaces, you can offer a living wall of greenery. Living walls are self-contained, custom-designed gardens that make condo patios, living rooms, kitchens or even bathrooms come to life – literally!

Our patented Biotiles® can be configured to fit any area, large or small, with your client’s favorite selection of plants, flowers, herbs – whatever grows best in the particular climate and varying light conditions. Our horticulture experts work with local nurseries to select hearty plants for both indoor or outdoor vertical gardens.

We design, build and deliver Sagegreenlife vertical gardens that are already growing so clients can enjoy the beauty and health benefits of living walls immediately.

And, if they’re concerned about upkeep, our unique system practically maintains itself.

Aligned with the philosophy of uncomplicated condo living, our Biotiles allow just the right amount of water, airflow and nutrients to nourish plants so they can thrive without any extra effort.

Permanent or portable.

A custom-designed vertical garden can be permanently installed in an interior or exterior condominium wall and connected to the building’s existing plumbing. Or, if portability makes more sense, our Verdanta™ collection of freestanding walls offers clients a completely self-contained living wall. Just plug them into standard electrical outlets to add a visual focal point to any space.

No more boring, uninviting concrete landscapes.

One of the biggest complaints of condominium living is that residents are unable to have their own gardens, or are limited to just a few hanging baskets of flowers.

Sagegreenlife Living Walls provide vertical gardens that work well in areas with limited horizontal yard space. And the visual appeal of living plants can make a huge difference in the overall aesthetics of condominium living.

If you’d like to offer clients a unique way to enhance their condo décor, partner with Sagegreenlife Living Walls for your next condominium project. Fill out a request to learn more today. We look forward to hearing from you.

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