Connecting with Nature: Good for Both Body and Mind

Think about the last time you spent a little time outside. Maybe it was a hike, a boat ride or even a camping trip. How do you feel? Calmer? Happier? More energized? According to scientific research, that’s exactly what happens when we spend time interacting with nature. The physical and psychological benefits of experiencing nature have been tested and proven; it’s why biophilic (nature-loving) design is becoming more and more popular among architects and interior designers. When we’re inside we want to make it feel like we’re outside. Connecting with nature, simply stated, is good for our minds and our bodies.

Just spending time outside has been proven to have tangible physical benefits. A study showed that outdoor excursions made those involved experience increased energy and vitality. In addition, people who spent time outdoors had greater resistance to physical illness. The results of this study were so impressive that Richard Ryan, professor of psychology at the University of Rochester, said, “One of the pathways to health may be to spend more time in natural settings.”1

The psychological benefits of spending time experiencing nature are plentiful, as well. Participants in studies reported feeling happier and calmer after spending time in nature. Even recalling memories of time spent in nature can bring about feelings of happiness.1 Increased creativity was also shown to be a psychological benefit of interacting with nature.2

So, how do you reap all these physical and psychological benefits of nature? It’s simple: add nature to your life. Creating memories and experiences in nature, like taking a hike or visiting a garden, will not only invigorate and relax you in the moment, it will allow you to have those same positive feelings when you recall the experience. Adding greenery to the spaces where you spend time can have a similar effect. That’s why the team at sagegreenlife is committed to bringing nature indoors on both small and large scales.

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