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Ferns add a delicate beauty to any interior space, but did you know they can also really help improve the air quality in the home or office?

Plants remove pollutants and other harmful chemicals through photosynthesis (how plants change light, water, and nutrients into energy so they can grow), and ferns are no exception. They are some of the most efficient house plants when it comes to cleaning up your air. Our Fern Palette has six different ferns to beautify your interior space and clean your air at the same time. Most of the ferns in the palette are smaller or dwarf varieties of bird’s nest or Boston fern, famous for their air purification properties. 'Boston type' ferns, (Nephrolepis) and 'Bird’s Nest' ferns (Asplenium), can remove formaldehyde and xylene, chemicals often found in carpeting and furniture.

Boston Type: Emina

Boston Type: Fluffy Ruffles
Birds nest: Green Flame
Birds nest: Leslie

Ferns are easy to care for as house plants, but there are a few things to remember to keep them happy and healthy. Give them indirect light and keep away from sunny windows- ferns don’t like too much sun. Always make sure they remain moist, but not soggy, around the root area at all times. Try to avoid letting them dry out too much between waterings. Also, ferns like higher humidity. One tip is growing them in groups of close proximity to one another to boost the humidity levels.


Our Fern Palette includes other easy-to-care-for varieties like ‘Rabbits Foot’ fern (Humata), which gets its name from the white furry growth on its roots that resembles a rabbit’s foot. All the ferns in our Fern Palette are non-toxic and are perfectly safe for pets and kids.

Ambienta or Edelwhite  is a perfect environment to create a micro climate to keep humidity up and your ferns happy. Start growing today!

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