Decorating Ideas to Steal from Scandinavian Interiors

Simplicity, minimalism and functionality - all characteristics of Scandinavian design. This movement has been a big influence on interiors the world over, but how do we take elements of Scandinavian design and make them work in our own space? The key to this aesthetic is to create a useable, liveable, space which is first and foremost practical. The overall look is clean, simple, uncluttered and light.

When it comes to this concept stick with a chalky white on the walls, this works really well as a fresh blank canvas to then add key pieces of furniture and accessories. Remember- Scandinavian design is all about effortless style, so avoid anything too fussy; think orderly, pure and uncomplicated. Add personality through color and texture, this can be achieved with books, artwork and plants, but don't overdo it, stick to one color or a variation of one color and avoid clutter - less is more.

Wood adds organic warmth to a white room, so whether it's through flooring, beams or furniture this is an important element to consider. Stay away from orange wood stains though, instead opt for a more natural look (you can take the yellow out of woods like oak or pine by using a grey oil). Another way to warm up this refreshing look is by layering natural textures such as wool, faux fur and linen against the clean lines of a simple chair or day bed for a chic Scandinavian inspired contrast. This idea can also be applied to white bedding or white wooden floors with hides and rugs.

Scandinavian design is all about making the most of natural light, so keep window treatments minimal - forget curtains or any heavy fabrics blocking out the sun. For lamp shades and lights think simple fixtures and fittings, complimentary to the surroundings and functional in form.

This approach is for the organized and the utilitarian, for those who appreciate clean lines and functional design. Scandinavian interiors are inspirational to work in because the surroundings enable focus, and relaxing to live in because the spaces are natural yet refined  - much like the outdoors. Timeless, classic, yet on-trend, this is definitely a style to consider.

The clean lines of AMBIENTA  and EDELWHITE  are great ways to bring a natural element into Scandinavian style decor.

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