Design Inspiration: Indoor Living Walls for All — Big or Small

Finding innovative ways to redesign an existing space or present a unique design concept for a new client can be challenging.

Perhaps you’re working with a limited budget or a small space. Often, there are existing structural elements to work around or incorporate into the design.

Whatever the challenge may be, an indoor living wall may be just the remedy.

Here are some ideas and design challenges to inspire you and get your creative juices flowing. Or should we say growing?

Transform that ugly (but structurally necessary) column.

Sometimes you can knock down a wall and sometimes you’re stuck with a column in the middle of the room.

Instead of figuring out ways to make it disappear, why not make it come to life?

Adorn that eye-sore with living greenery that wraps around the column (even the corners) to create a lovely focal point people naturally gravitate toward. Don’t you just want to touch it and see if it feels as beautiful as it looks?

No space is too small for a living wall.

Small space? Not a problem.

Portable living walls allow you to add an element of design — and an unexpected natural feature — just about anywhere. Living greenery in an office space helps employees feel better physically and mentally.

It’s true!

Simply adding plants to a sterile office environment not only spruces up the décor, but boosts the mood and the creativity as well.

Gravitate toward the greenery.

Large, open spaces instantly feel warmer and more inviting with a vertical wall of greenery as the focal point.

This living wall draws you in with a “path” design that seems to disappear into the sky. The fuschia chair adds a perfect pop of complementary color and echoes the same flowing lines as the plants above.

We bet that all who enter this space will walk directly toward the living wall to see if it’s real.

Long hallways need love, too.

Long hallways and stretches of wallspace are a challenge to delineate or make more engaging. But, when you cover the free space with a floor-to-ceiling wall of plants, it literally takes on a life of its own.

This indoor living wall seems to bring the outside in, and gives the monochromatic environment texture and visual appeal. Again, don’t you just want to walk up to it and touch the plants?

So many design challenges can be solved with unique solutions from Sagegreenlife Living Walls.

From versatile, wrap-around design options to the portability of our Verdanta™ collection, and everything in between, we can create custom-fit solutions for all your interior design projects.

To learn more about Sagegreenlife’s endless options for creating beautiful environments with health benefits and increased sustainability, send us an email at or tell us about your project to get in touch with one of our in-house plant and design experts.

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