Design Inspiration: Outdoor Living Walls for Every Space and Style

Nothing inspires outdoor design like a little spring weather.

Although our vertical gardens thrive both indoors and out, the change in seasons has most people thinking about lush flowers and thriving greenery, which means now is the perfect time to start planning a living wall installation.

Discover the endless possibilities of Sagegreenlife living walls.

It’s not often that one accent fits so many different design styles, but living walls are an exception to the rule. A natural greenscape of plants and flowers is like a breath of fresh air for any space — from office buildings and retail stores to homes and apartment buildings.

Here are just a few ways building owners and designers can incorporate one of our vertical garden solutions into their overall design strategies:

Up the “wow factor” for entertainment venues.

Entertainment venues usher in millions of fans every year and are continually trying to up the ante when it comes to attention-grabbing design. A vibrant vertical garden feature is sure to make a lasting impression.

The Treehouse, Oakland Coliseum: Oakland, CA

Inspire learning through green design in museums and educational centers.

Museums, universities and other places of learning are the perfect venues to spotlight the extraordinary benefits of living walls — from better air quality and energy efficiency to improvements in physical and mental health.

Make retail stores stand out from their competitors.

Whether your client is a small startup company or a larger retail chain, adding a built-in living wall to a storefront or building exterior attracts attention from a distance, providing a clear edge over competitors.

Position businesses as leaders in sustainable design.

Living garden walls are a natural fit with the principles of sustainable design: conserving energy, preserving natural resources and improving the health and well-being of building inhabitants.

Tech Company: CA

Amplify the oasis vibe in luxury hotels, spas and salons.

Sagegreenlife vertical gardens go hand in hand with the hospitality industry, where they help create a one-of-a-kind experience for visitors seeking a relaxing and inspiring getaway.

Create a healing environment in hospitals and medical centers.

A growing number of hospitals and medical centers have started to incorporate the idea of ecotherapy or “green care” into their design strategy. This includes the integration of outdoor healing gardens, where living walls are the perfect fit.

Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center: Chicago, IL

Add living herb garden walls to restaurants and outdoor cafés.

With more diners concerned about the journey their food takes and its impact on the planet, a thriving outdoor herb garden wall gives new meaning to the term “locally grown.”

Enhance private residences with custom-built living walls.

The sky’s the limit when working with your residential clients — from a welcoming guest house living wall to a sprawling vertical garden oasis in the back yard or pool area.

See the potential in high-rise balconies.

Many high-rise owners believe potted plants are their only option for green décor. Lush living walls add privacy and conserve space on outdoor balconies. A bonus for city dwellers: They also cut down on noise pollution.

Penthouse: Miami, FL

Want even more design inspiration? Talk to a Sagegreenlife vertical garden specialist.

Outdoor spaces come to life with Sagegreenlife living walls.

Aside from their numerous health benefits, custom plant walls raise property value, attract more tenants and customers, demonstrate a commitment to sustainable design and create balance between nature and the built environment.

Our living wall systems are designed to thrive in all climates and withstand heat, cold, wind and snow. Our Biotile™ system is unique in its ability to insulate dormant plants in winter, maintaining life-protecting moisture to ensure their longevity.

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