Designer Update: Daniel Pouzet x Dedon Island

Tell us more about DEDON Island, how did you first get involved?

Daniel Pouzet: My collaboration with DEDON started with Fred Frety when we designed the NESTREST and the SWINGREST, an outdoor furniture collection that uses handcrafted woven synthetic fiber to create unique ways of being in nature. When Bobby Decaiser first told me about DEDON Island, located near Siargo, Philippines, I was excited to join forces in transforming the location into an imaginary place where art, culture and nature intertwined. So we began transforming the space; the goal was to preserve the beauty and ecology of the site.

What are some challenges that come up while building the site?

DP: It is such a completely different experience from building anything I have worked on. The carpenters are also fisherman; nobody understands technical drawings or the basic foundation of how to build a structure. I outlined with sand the proportions and scale of the spaces. This is something I’ve never done. Living on-site was necessary to make sure everything was executed properly and in a timely manner. It is constant improvisation that becomes very artistic and natural. The way of building there is playful and very spontaneous in a pristine and untouched environment. We have crafted the spaces to feel like you are at a friend’s house- very comforting, detailed and loving. Each piece and space in the island has a story a delicacy a new experience. The climate is the most challenging because it is so humid there that it impacts the natural construction materials.

The most recent room you have been working on has been the spa. Tell me about the ambiance you are trying to create?

DP: For this unique place you have to create a completely relaxing and remote experience. People are expecting to forget about everything and taken into an oasis. This is the exact feeling I want to evoke when we people step into the spa: to be surprised and immersed completely in nature and walk into a breathing fairytale. There are a lot of geometric shapes.

When you enter you have a warm ambiance, the shell of the house is glass and the outside is DEDON fiber. Lower lighting participated and gave it harmony and balance. This room is all about escape and becoming one with nature. Primary shapes were a key focus throughout and integrating natural material was a common thread throughout. It is nature uninterrupted.

You travel a lot and work on multi-disciplinary projects. What is special about DEDON Island that other project has not offered?


DP: There is more freedom and a lot of spontaneity. When creating a product, you have the drawings, the molds and testing, it’s such a long time until the final product is done. The first experience building was a huge surprise and shocking because rules were non-existent. The site is so special that you feel you’ve abandoned yourself to the earth. It is the perfect place to rest and to work. It helps with mental clarity and inspiration is all around me.

What do you hope visitors will takeaway from visiting the island and how has the project changed your life as a designer?

DP: The ambiance on the island is one of unity, family and almost like being at a friend’s house. It is tranquil and welcoming. Being part of this creation has made me more flexible as a designer. My way of thinking, living, making is now to constantly adapt and find different solutions to challenges. It is constant collaboration and there is a lot of trial and error. It opens different gates to creativity and makes me want to bring more spaces and products to life like DEDON Island as well as  AMBIENTA and EDELWHITE .

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