Don't Fear the Green Wall

Not sure what goes into putting a living wall in your space? Here at Sagegreenlife, we've made the process of designing, installing, and maintaining our green walls easier than you might think. Take a look at our simple, streamlined process.


The concept stage is where we find out as much as possible about you, your space, your wants and your goals. Our technology is incredibly versatile, which allows our living walls to be incorporated into so many different spaces- large or small, indoors or outdoors. Our team will work with you to create your ideal living wall.


This is where the horticulture team comes in and combines your concept with a plan for plants. Taking into consideration the space itself, the look you’re going for, and a number of other factors, our horticulturists choose species and a design for the plants in your living wall.


Biotiles are the building blocks that make up all of our living walls. We fabricate them in our warehouse to begin bringing your concept and design to life.


Once the Biotiles are fabricated, we grow your plants directly in the tiles. This allows your plants to be securely rooted into the wall and fully grown upon delivery and installation. The day the wall is delivered it’ll look just like the design we’ve created; no waiting around for plants to grow, and no messy replanting when your living wall is delivered and installed.


We deliver your wall fully grown and ready to be enjoyed. Sagegreenlife team members or certified partners will be there throughout the delivery and installation process.


Our installation process is minimally disruptive and, since your plants are already in the Biotiles, creates minimal mess. Our team of professionals make sure the walls are installed correctly and efficiently so you can begin enjoying your wall as soon as possible.


After the wall is installed, we don’t leave you hanging! Our comprehensive maintenance plan includes periodic check-ins to make sure everything is running smoothly.

The Sagegreenlife team makes this process easy from idea to installation and beyond. Get in touch with an expert today to start designing your living space.

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