Easy Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

The Earth Day celebration began in 1970, making 2016 the 46th annual Earth Day. Since that time, many factors have led to the decline in our Earth’s ecosystems and overall health. As Earth Day approaches its 50th celebration, here are some things you can do to give back to the Earth and help build a more sustainable future:

1. Recycle

You have heard over and over again that you should be recycling. So, instead of just saying it, here are some examples of different ways to recycle. Cans and bottles are a good start and one of the easiest things to remember in terms of recycling. They take up a large amount of extra space in landfills and plastic takes a very long time to decompose.  Also take a minute to think about how much paper you throw away and think about adding paper recycling to your routine.

Another area that is very important is electronic waste. Many recycling locations will take in used, old, and broken electronics. The rate at which we consume electronics has increased exponentially over the years and we are now learning how to deal with that waste. Electronics are built with plastic and metal parts that can be disassembled or recycled in very useful ways. Batteries and other electronic items that contain harmful chemicals should also be recycled so that those chemicals are not released freely into the atmosphere.

Recycling cans and bottles is an easy way to start recycling

2. Participate in Local Neighborhood Cleanup

One way to celebrate and help protect the Earth is to help clean it up. You can pickup trash when you walk down the street, even if it wasn’t yours. You can contact local community centers and ask about cleanup events in your area. You can teach your children or grandchildren to do the same. Participating in cleaning up the Earth helps in feeling responsible for the state of the environment and taking an active role to change it.

3. Buy Local Products

Buying locally is not only about supporting your local economy and creating thriving businesses in your communities, but it cuts down on pollutants in the environment. When a product is made or grown locally, there is no transportation required to get that product to you. This cuts down on carbon emissions from vehicles and cuts down on the use of petroleum products like fuel and tires. Buying locally does support your community, but it also helps create a more sustainable future by using much less of the Earth’s resources.

Shopping at a farmer's market is a great way to buy products that are made or grown locally

4. Be Mindful of Your Footprint

While no one wants to think about the negative impact our actions have on the environment, being mindful of how much energy and resources you use, can help you reduce your own carbon footprint. On the Earth Day website you can take a survey and see what impact you have on the environment. Once your know your specific footprint, you can work on reducing it and helping with sustainability efforts. While you can help the Earth by recycling and cleaning, being able to use fewer resources is also very important. For example, if you are a person who uses a lot of plastic grocery and ziplock bags, you can switch to using washable reusable containers and carrying cloth grocery bags in your car. You can plan ahead to be mindful of your impact.

5. Find Your Local Earth Day Celebration

Gather with groups of local people who are also invested in the Earth and in taking steps to build a more sustainable future. You can go to this Earth Day website and put in the name of your city to find the closest Earth Day Celebration. If there isn’t one listed for your area, the website also gives you the opportunity to get involved and to create one.

Celebrating Earth Day and helping to protect the environment and create a more sustainable future becomes more important with each passing year. This list has a few important ways you can begin to help, and there are many more opportunities to help make the Earth a better place this year. Earth Day brings awareness and education about the environmental struggles we face now and for future generations. You can be part of the solution by preserving and brining more nature in with sagegreenlife

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