Eco-Friendly Mother's Day Gift Ideas

1. Ambienta – This is a beautiful multi-function table lamp that provides not only light, but brings living plants into your mother’s indoor environment. Ambienta is available with three different plant selections, allowing you to customize the lamp with the plants that your mother would enjoy the most. Ambienta is a great addition to any home and is eco-friendly, improving the air quality in its surroundings. Giving your mother Ambienta is giving her a gift that she can continuously enjoy all year around. Bring nature in and click here to order Ambienta today.

2.  Zoo or Aquarium Membership – The Association of Zoos & Aquariums (AZA) gives you a list accredited zoos and aquariums in your area that provide excellent care for their animals, provide a good membership/customer experience, and who contribute toward the future through conservancy, animal repopulation, and education. Giving your mother the gift of membership to a zoo or aquarium is a gift that can last all year long. To find the nearest AZA accredited zoo or aquarium visit:

3. Jewelry and clothing that gives back – The brand Raven + Lily has eco-friendly handcrafted jewelry, clothing, and gifts made by women in troubled areas of the globe. Raven + Lily provides sustainable income to the artisans and donates a portion of each purchase to education and healthcare. To see the possible gift ideas from this socially conscious company, visit:

4. Nature Books – Whether your mother is a gardener, a hiker, or an admirer of nature, you can visit a local independent bookstore and find a book in one of her areas of interest. If she loves hiking and camping you can find a book that talks about the local hiking areas and available campgrounds. If she is a gardener or enjoys arranging flowers in her home, you can find her books on floral design or gardening tips. Supporting local bookstores helps contribute to your local economy and requires fewer resources for book transportation. To find a local independent bookstore visit:

This Mother’s Day, give a gift that gives back to your mother’s environment, whether it is her home, her neighborhood, or her world. These nature-inspired gifts will make Mother’s Day great. Celebrating your mother and giving her eco-friendly gifts will help ensure that mothers can live longer, healthier lives for generations to come.

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