Eco-Friendly Party Tips for Summer Entertaining

It's summertime, which means lots of backyard barbecues and entertaining. And while the parties are fun, it's never fun throwing away bags of garbage afterwards or thinking about the impact of that garbage on the environment you've just been enjoying. Luckily, there easy ways to make any summer party more eco-friendly.

Beautiful e-vites from Paperless Post


To throw a successful summer party, you have to let people know about it first! Sending e-vites instead of paper invitations not only keeps paper out of the garbage, but it allows people to automatically add the event to their calendar and easily see whether they’re available. Paperless Post is a great way to send electronic invites, track responses, and even remind guests when the RSVP deadline is getting close.

Eco-friendly utensils

Plastic utensils seem convenient choice for parties, until you consider that they’re clogging up landfills and never break down. But at the same time, you don’t want to waste water running your dishwasher or washing practically every dish you own to avoid using disposables! Luckily, many biodegradable options are available for everything from plates to cutlery - even cups and straws. Susty Party is an amazing company that offers beautiful, biodegradable party supplies in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Ditch the plastic and go biodegradable instead!

Eco-friendly citronella candles made from upcycled wine bottles

Recycle, Upcycle

Make sure that your party generates minimal garbage by choosing products that can be recycled or upcycled-- used to make something better than the original item. Whether your guests drink beer or soda, choose aluminum cans over plastic or glass bottles. Recycling an aluminum can takes 95% less energy than creating a new one, so it’s a much more environmentally-friendly choice. Make it easy for your friends to recycle by creating clearly labeled recycling bins or bags. After the party, save those empty wine bottles and reuse them for décor at your next event. You can even turn them into citronella torches for a natural way to keep mosquitos at bay.

Farmer's markets are the best place to find local, seasonal produce and other food products

Seasonal, local foods

The shipping and packaging associated with imported foods is a huge burden on the environment. Shop a local farmer’s market or co-op to find seasonal, locally grown food to serve at your next eco-friendly summer celebration. Bonus: produce that’s in season usually tastes the best!

Donating unused food is good for the environment and for people in need

Find a way to donate unused food

Donating unused food does double-duty; it keeps food from being wasted and it helps those who are in need. However, due to food safety regulations, it’s not always easy to drop off your leftovers for donation. Contact your local food depository, homeless shelter or soup kitchen to check and see what the requirements are for donating home cooked or opened food products.

Now that you're armed with these tips, go ahead and throw the best eco-friendly summer bash out there. Just don't forget to send us an e-vite!

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