Flexible Ferns: The Plant that Fits with Every Decor Style

Many of us can remember the hanging ferns that adorned many grandmothers’ front porches in decades past. The beloved hardy plant provided a lush pop of green to brighten even the dullest of doorsteps.

Ferns are showing up again today in many well-appointed homes, as décor enthusiasts ranging from apartment dwellers to luxury interior designers and commercial interior architects are finding unique ways to work a wide range of species into an array of design styles.

These well-loved, versatile plants are a staple at Sagegreenlife, as many different types make their way into our living walls, depending on the design of the space. Here are some of Sagegreenlife Chief Horticulturalist Nathan Beckner’s favorite fern and décor combinations:

Staghorn Ferns + Modern Décor

This fern type is both architectural and unusual, with clean lines rather than feathered fronds. Staghorn ferns are air plants, so they can be hung artfully on a wall, fitting seamlessly into modern décor.

Bird’s Nest Ferns + Bohemian Décor

These interesting plants have wavy, waxy leaves that give them a tropical look. They look similar to seaweed, adding a beachy feel to the space.

Sagegreenlife living wall at Chicago restaurant Belly Q

Boston Ferns + Classic Décor

This is the fern that comes to mind for many – the sword-shaped, almost lacy fronds that have been popular for years. In a traditionally designed space, Boston ferns complete the room and give it a classic energy.

Rabbit’s Foot Ferns + Eclectic Décor

Named after their fuzzy, sprawling roots, these plants are truly unique. The plumed leaves and creeping light-colored fibers make these ferns a conversation piece.

Nathan and his team incorporate these and other fern types into living wall installations in Chicago and beyond. Discover Sagegreenlife’s incredible living walls here, or contact us to learn more.

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