Green Media Walls: What They Are and Why You Need One

As a business, you want to set yourself apart from the competition.

Perhaps it’s your award-winning customer service that makes your business shine or your dedication to delivering more than you promise. Your unique branding also makes a difference in creating a memorable experience for customers and prospective clients alike, and a green media wall can help you position your brand as a true leader in your industry. .

Just what is a green media wall?

A green media wall is a vertical garden that incorporates your signage or logo around living plants. As part of your storefront or office location, a green media wall brings your signs, your branding and your space to life.

At Sagegreenlife, we’ve mastered the design of living walls so they can thrive in nearly any environment, both inside and outside. So, all you have to do is inquire about incorporating a living wall into your office or retail space and we’ll take care of all the details, from concept, design and planning to manufacturing and installation.

Our living walls are fully integratable and configurable to fit any space, including around corners or as a backdrop for your storefront signage. Green and flowering plants that make up living walls work well behind a reception desk, too, welcoming guests and clients with a natural, yet unexpected décor statement.

...And why do you need one?

Every business or company can benefit from having a custom-designed living media wall for several reasons.

First, as human beings, we’re deeply, innately connected to nature. Plants foster our creativity, promote better health and well-being and generally make people feel good.

When you choose to bring natural elements into your professional environment, you’re not only creating a lasting impression of your brand for all those who see it but also helping employees and customers feel healthier — physically and emotionally.

Another reason you need a green media wall? The “wow-factor.”

A live wall of lush foliage in the middle of a retail space, as the entry to an office building or at your favorite coffee bar is surprising and inviting. Your custom-designed vertical garden adds the wow-factor that people will remember and want to visit often.

A green media wall is a low-maintenance return on your investment.

Because Sagegreenlife Living Walls are superior in form, function and design, your return on investment is yet another reason to incorporate a green media wall into your retail or office space.

Our patented soilless Biotile™ system is designed to last, adaptable to practically any environment and highly self-sufficient with built-in irrigation and available lighting systems. Your Sagegreenlife media wall will use less water than a soil-based vertical garden, and the rockwood base Biotiles won’t decay over time either.

Our master horticulturists work with nurseries in your area to pick out plants that thrive in your specific climate, so you can rest assured your plants will survive a long winter or a hot summer. We’re here to help ensure the success of your investment in a Sagegreenlife living media wall.

Have some ideas? We’d love to hear them. Tell us what you have in mind and we’ll help you get started with your custom-designed green media wall today.

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