Greenery in Every Building: Millennials' Love of House Plants Could Be the Sign of What's to Come

It may strike you as rather surprising that millennials – the reportedly “self-centered” generation – love house plants, and indoor gardening has become a growing trend for this crop of contemporaries. The notion that millennials are actually taking care of their house plants and growing things, perhaps indicates that they’re not so self-focused after all since plants require care and attention to thrive.

And when millennials give their care and attention to something, our culture responds in their favor, as they have the power to greatly influence the economy, not only with their dollars, but also through their consistent participation on social media. Millennials across the country are sharing their love of indoor greenery, growing things, and creating their very own indoor “urban rainforest” or “jungalow” as they are affectionately called, and designers and architects should pay attention to this movement.

Is this trend of creating living indoor environments with plants a sign of things to come? Will there be greenery in every building, thanks to millennials’ penchant for plants?

Plants enhance the mood in any environment.

Creating surroundings that foster health and happiness may be even more important to millennials than to previous generations because urban-dwelling millennials like to stay home.

Recent reports indicate that millennials prefer to socialize at home, where they gather to catch up with friends in what they consider a more relaxing environment than crowded, noisy, impersonal public venues.

Since plants have numerous health benefits including boosting mood, it’s no wonder greenery is such an important part of the millennial home – their favorite place to hang out. It makes sense then, that millennials would also desire a workplace with plants, or a retail store with a vertical garden, or their favorite coffee shop with a living wall as a backdrop. Maybe greenery makes them feel better and reminds them of home wherever they go.

Living walls bring the beauty and benefits of nature directly to you.

Perhaps another one of the things that draws millennials to plants is their ability to interact with and be close to nature even if they can’t be outside all day. Living walls in an office building, a hospital or a retail store bring the beauty of nature directly to you, so even when you have to be inside for eight or more hours each day, you can still enjoy the benefits of nature right from your desk.

How will you incorporate a living wall into your next design project?

As a designer, consider how to incorporate plants into the architecture, both interior and exterior, to create the natural living environment that millennials favor. And it’s not just millennials; other generations enjoy being closer to nature, too. It’s in our DNA.

Is your next project a new office space, a retail store, or a restaurant? What about an apartment building, hotel, or condominiums? All of these buildings lend themselves to living walls of lush greenery, and the expert designers and horticulturists at Sagegreenlife Living Walls can help you create memorable green spaces for millenials, as well as any other generation.

We have a living wall for that.

Sagegreenlife Living Walls are versatile enough to go anywhere, from beside your desk as a green partition to floor-to-ceiling wall art in residential and commercial locations. Our modular design system wraps around corners, incorporates logos, and thrives indoors or outdoors.

And for millennials, or any other generation of busy people (who may or may not want to put forth extra effort to take care of a living garden), Sagegreenlife vertical gardens are low-maintenance.

You don’t have to become a gardening expert to make your living wall thrive. They come with their own irrigation system that delivers just the right amount of water, their own lighting system and our patented, soil-free Biotiles™. This versatility makes it possible to design living walls for every space, indoors or outdoors, and nearly every lighting condition and climate.

If millennials are a driving force in our economy and culture, and they are happier and more productive around plants, then perhaps we’ll begin to see greenery in every building in the future. How you create a space with a living wall is up to you. Sagegreenlife Living Walls simply make your ideas come to life.

Learn more about this exciting trend. Send us a message or give us a call at 312.234.9655.

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