Healing power of living walls

The Remarkable Healing Power of Living Walls

Plants connect us to the living world.

But more than that, they inspire and revitalize us in a way that is entirely unique. So just what is it about being around all that green that does wonders for the human mind and body?

In past journal posts we’ve touched on the idea of integrating more plant life into office buildings and commercial spaces. Indeed, companies today are finally beginning to see the myriad benefits of bringing the outside in—benefits like higher productivity and fewer sick days, which ultimately boost their return on investment.

But now we want to dig a little more deeply … to get to the root of it all, if you will.

The more tech addicted humans become, the more scientists are starting to contemplate the consequences of our withdrawal from the natural world. What they’re finding is that less “green time” seems to be taking a toll on our physical and emotional well-being.

The good news? Both mind and body bounce back quickly in the presents of plants.

Take this study, for example. Researchers in Boston found that being around more plants and trees has a positive effect on human health. Specifically, close proximity to green spaces was linked to better respiratory health, lower disease rates, longevity, and improvements in mental health.

Countless other studies have revealed similar healing benefits, but taking time away from work or life to escape to the nearest green space may not always be an option. Here at Sagegreenlife, we are reinventing the way people engage with nature.

Our Living Walls bring the curative power of plants, flowers, herbs and grasses to any indoor or outdoor space, creating a visually stunning and sustainable centerpiece guaranteed to wow your clients, employees, tenants, and visitors.

We offer both built-in and free-standing walls featuring our patented hydroponic Biotile® system. The modular Biotiles can be arranged in practically any configuration, cover as much or as little space as desired, and even wrap around curves to ensure infinite design possibilities. Water comes from your already-existing plumbing, which is connected to special “drip-tubes” within the tile that irrigate the plants around the clock, with just the right amount of moisture. You can learn more about our Living Wall collection here.

Ready to breathe new life into your existing space?

Your first step will be a conversation with our in-house plant experts. They will work with you to select the plant types that work best for your space and your climate zone.

Once the design is finalized, we will collaborate with local nurseries to grow your plants with our unique hydroponic technology. Setup is minimally disruptive and our green walls are installed fully grown to create instant impact.

Call Sagegreenlife at 312.234.9655 or email us at to set up a consultation with a vertical garden professional.

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