How a better work environment increases your bottom line

Since modern human beings have existed, we’ve maintained a complicated, sometimes adverse, but always essential relationship with nature. Even though it’s clear we require nature to survive, we’ve long mastered the ability to keep it at bay, even as we steadily take what we need.

While it’s widely understood that our natural world is necessary for things like oxygen, food, medicine and building materials, is there any real evidence that, besides being lovely to gaze upon, the mere presence of nature is indeed beneficial to people?

And if so, what advantage would that be to mankind as a whole? How might being in the presence of lush greenery translate to peace, progress and prosperity?

How the Presence of Nature Works on the Human Psychosoma

When we talk about the myriad benefits plant life offers humans, it’s important to look at their effects on the mind/body combination, or psychosoma. Not only do plants improve air quality, but they also have a restorative effect on the mind and body.

  • An Exeter University study found that a workspace that includes plant life can increase well-being by 47 percent, creativity by 45 percent and productivity by 38 percent.

  • Similarly, a study from Washington State University determined that the presence of plants helped office workers achieve a 12 percent quicker reaction time on computer tasks, lower systolic blood pressure readings and improved self-reported attentiveness.

  • What’s more, researchers at the University of Michigan recorded a 20 percent improvement on memory and attention tests given subjects after they were able to pause work and walk through an arboretum.

But how does all this science translate to the balance sheet? We’ll turn to the PERKINS+WILL RESEARCH JOURNAL for some quantifiable bottom-line advantages of a workplace flush with greenery:

  1. It was found that productivity could be enhanced by as much as 12 percent in the presence of plants.

  2. The investment group Winslow Management Co. manages $225 million in assets for environmental non-profits, pension funds and individuals; found that publicly traded companies that occupy LEED-certified buildings  outperformed the Dow Jones Industrial Average by as much as 20 percent.

  3. When plants were included in the offices, study participants were exposed to 13 commonly used foliage plants. The score sum of 12 symptoms was 23 percent lower during the period when participants had plants in their offices. This translated into a 14 percent decrease in absenteeism.


  1. We know it works. But unless there’s a sustainable, cost-effective, relatively convenient way to implement the plan, this data is moot. Unless it isn’t. Introducing the Sagegreenlife Living Wall . . .

Now, having the luxury of a thriving, health-promoting, practically self-sustaining work of art gracing your office wall in as little as eight-to-ten weeks is as easy as sending an email. Our experienced sales staff works collectivelywith our brilliant design team and master horticulturalists to deliver not only a one-of-a-kind product, but a singularly gratifying customer service experience. How it Works

Once a client has selected a design, their plants are seeded directly into our patented, non-decaying basalt rock fiber Biotiles®, which provide the wall with nutrients, water and airflow indefinitely. Sagegreenlife Built-In Walls are connected directly to clients’ already-existing plumbing, which is connected to special “drip-tubes” within the tile that irrigate the plants around the clock with just the right amount of moisture. Because our Biotiles® are modular, they can be arranged in practically any configuration, cover as much or as little space as desired and even wrap around curves, providing clients with infinite design possibilities. The Sagegreenlife Verdanta™ Collection For offices where a portable option makes more sense, we introduce our Verdanta™ Collection of customizable, rolling partitions and freestanding walls, featuring self-contained irrigation systems and powered by standard electrical outlets. Living Partitions are available in two models:

  • Duet - An elegant, moveable partition featuring your choice and configuration of plants on both sides.

  • Productivity - Brains and beauty coexist in the form of a stylish partition that provides lush greenery on one side and Sagegreenlife’s Productivity Wall writing surface on the other.

  • Flourish Walls are freestanding, customizable, one-sided walls that can be sized to fit your space and, unlike our built-in walls, can be moved to another location if needed.

Truly, we can’t think of a more inspiring and beautiful way to boost your bottom line, so there’s no time like right now to begin designing your very own piece de resistance and finally infuse your workspace with health, harmony and prosperity it deserves.

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