How It All Took Root: The History of Our Living Wall Technology

If you can create these beautiful environments anywhere, why wouldn’t you?

That was the first thought of Sagegreenlife Founder and Managing Member Richard Kincaid when introduced to the concept of living walls.

At the time, a business partner approached him about a European company called Biotecture that was making sustainable living walls with hydroponic technology. Richard immediately saw an opportunity to expand on that technology and redefine the design industry here in the United States.

In his previous role as president and CEO of Equity Office Properties Trust, he saw businesses struggle with designing workplaces that not only encouraged productivity, but also fostered mental and physical well-being among employees.

Richard started thinking about the intrinsic benefits of plants and greenery, and how those benefits could extend to a broad range of design possibilities. From there, it was only a matter of time before Sagegreenlife was launched with a singular goal:

Build a better quality of life through living design.

From the beginning, Sagegreenlife has aspired to be a leader in the vertical garden market. Our technologically advanced, proven system sets us apart from our competitors and ensures limitless possibilities for architects and designers.

Our living walls and living décor products combine innovation and enhanced aesthetics to improve air quality, enhance energy efficiency and enrich health and wellness in every conceivable space.

Their low-maintenance technology makes them a versatile and viable design solution with visual impact in office buildings, hospitals, homes and apartments, retail stores, museums, entertainment venues and virtually anywhere your design client can imagine.

Our technology is continually evolving to keep pace with design innovation.

The Sagegreenlife patented hydroponic technology begins with our modular Biotile® system of layered basalt rock fiber. Water, oxygen and nutrients are evenly and continuously distributed, resulting in stronger, healthier and longer-lasting plants that thrive in any climate.

Our living walls use 75 percent less water than any other living wall product available today, and the Biotiles ensure a cleaner and more energy-efficient system with minimal maintenance required.

With each new client, our master horticulturists go above and beyond to create unique living walls for a variety of applications, offering modern architects and designers a fresh medium that’s flexible enough for any environment.

Sagegreenlife is at the forefront of the green building industry.

At Sagegreenlife, we aim to reimagine the way people interact with nature. We are committed to designing healthy, sustainable and beautifully captivating spaces that save on heating and cooling costs, conserve water and generate less waste to support both human and environmental health.

Our vertical gardens enable buildings to earn LEED credits in sound abatement, materials and resources, energy and atmosphere, sustainable sites and innovation in operations. We are excited to be part of the green building movement that is shaping the future of architecture and design.

As our founder once said, “We want people, designers specifically, to think of Sagegreenlife walls as not only versatile and beneficial, but as a necessary material to include in projects of all types.”

How can Sagegreenlife transform your client’s space?

Call us today at 312.234.9655 or email to start a conversation with one of our vertical garden professionals.

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