How It Works

You’ve ordered AMBIENTA, now what? Take a look at the video below to see how easy it is to set up AMBIENTA once it is delivered to you.


AMBIENTA comes in one piece. There are no pieces to assemble, no loud pumps, no batteries and no apps to download. Simply take AMBIENTA out of the box and you’re ready to begin.

The first step is adding plants. Our plant palettes (available here) are optimized for the sagegreenlife system, chosen by plant experts for their similar light and water needs as well as their aesthetic beauty. The soil-free plant plugs are easily placed into each reservoir in AMBIENTA’s base.

Next, add water. Pour about 6 cups (3 water bottles full) of water down the center console. This first watering makes sure the growth material in the base is fully saturated with water. After the first watering, only about two cups (1 water bottle full) is required each time you water. The frequency at which you need to water AMBIENTA will depend on the needs of your plant palette, which you can find here.

Finally, turn on the light. Using the control panel, select the correct light setting based on your plant palette’s needs. Once you turn the grow light on, the timer is set. The grow light will turn off automatically after the preset amount of time has passed. The ambient light, a warm glow, does not affect the grow light timer at all.

AMBIENTA takes the guesswork out of growing plants, and allows plants to thrive in places they never could before.

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