How Plants Can Improve your Spaces

Plants are an essential part of our ecosystem. Outside, they provide us with food sources, oxygen, and are the basis for countless material goods. Inside, plants can provide important benefits that are often overlooked when designing interior living spaces. Plants provide both aesthetic and utility based benefits when brought indoors.


Plants bring an element of the outdoors to homes’ interiors. The aesthetics of color and shape can bring a room to life. Interior plants are not fixed, so they can be moved to easily change the look or flow of a room. Also, different plants add different dimensions to a living space.  Ferns, for example, do very well in an indoor environment, and grow in a way that brings a flowing balanced look to a room. Green is now often referred to in decorating as a “new neutral” meaning that it can go with anything. There is a plant color that will go with any room. Bringing the right plants into a room can bring a pop of color where needed and beautiful decoration to open or vacant spaces.


In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, plants in a home environment can be very useful. Having plants in your home is a great way to help clean the air, by providing increased oxygen and even removing toxins. Ferns are not only a great looking design choice, but they remove chemicals from the air. Chemicals such as formaldehyde have been used for many years in building materials and adhesives before the risks were known, and ferns are one way to help remove these chemicals from the air inside homes.

Plants can also be useful in other ways indoors. Herbs can be grown indoors and used for cooking. Aloe can be grown indoors and used for a variety of homeopathic uses, including soothing sunburned skin. Houseplants can also be used to provide extra shade to sunny areas of the home. This added shade can cut down on the amount of heat coming in, and in turn, decrease the overall energy usage.

Plants are a beautiful, useful, and eco-friendly way to improve your living space. They bring a living element of the outdoors to the indoors, creating unique interiors. The extra benefits of air purification just make adding plants to part of your living space design even more important. Make sure to add plants as an integral step in the design process for any living space, as they will bring life to the space, add new dimension, and create valuable everyday utility.

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