How the Midwest Integrates Indoor Plants into Spaces

Connecting with nature is more important than ever in today’s tech-heavy world. The average American spends 11 hours a day using an electronic device*. Studies have shown this excessive use to be a contributing factor to obesity, cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and negatively impacts normal sleep cycles*.

Red Square Flowers, an independent shop in Madison, WI, is focused on providing their customers with the connection to nature that they all desire.

“As many health benefits comes from connection to nature, it is essential for our wellbeing in the heavy technological world… Our mission is to bring all that to our customers with a selection of unique plants and products that cannot be found elsewhere, as we research extensively to bring that highest value of services and products to our customers.” Said Alina Poletskova, CEO and Founder of Red Square Flowers.

In pursuit of providing her customers with unique, interesting, and beautiful ways to connect with nature, Poletskova found sagegreenlife. She cited the “uniqueness and easy long term care” as the main attraction to sagegreenlife’s collection of living design products.

Red Square Flowers not only carries sagegreenlife products, they grew their relationship with Sage by maintaining Sage Vertical Gardens living wall installations in Madison. Poletskova says the jump from carrying products to maintaining walls was simple:

We had no experience with living walls. We have to thank our Sage partners for the greatest technical support they have provided: field trips, phone calls and other assistance. Without them we would not be able to do what we do now. They are incredibly professional and interested in investing their time in our knowledge base, consequently that brings comfort dealing with Sage product.

When talking to clients about living wall installations, Poletskova recommends Sage above other living wall companies. “I had many conversations with leadership team at Wiscnet, architects and other involved parties, why Sage will be much more beneficial and cost effective in a long term use.”

Wiscnet vertical garden installation, maintenance by Red Square Flowers

Red Square Flowers continues their efforts to connect their customers with nature, whether that’s in their homes or workplaces. This commitment to customer satisfaction and wellbeing is a true example of how Sage wants people to engage with their products. Establishing the partnership between Sage and Red Square was seamless and enjoyable for both parties, as Red Square continues to embrace the full scale of what Sage has to offer and improve wellness of their customers.

About Red Square Flowers:

Red Square Flowers features flowers that come directly from California, Costa Rica, Hawaii, Ecuador and Holland.

Alina says:  “Every time I walked into any florist shop I had the feeling of tranquility and peace. It was mesmerizing. The fragrance of the flowers, moss and organic soil. I feel that I have some kind of connection to living plants and now I realize what it was. My passion for colors, textures, art and the desire to bring people closer to their beginnings. It is a tradition in Europe to bring fresh flowers or a plant with a visit to a friend or a party. Sincerely and from the bottom of their hearts.”

Red Square Flowers in Madison, WI



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