Innovative, Breathtaking and Healthy: Vertical Gardens for High-Rise Living

Are you or your design client feeling apprehensive about a big move to a more urban dwelling? Worried that a lush backyard will be sorely missed?

Houseplants have a way of taking up space, and they may require more maintenance than a busy schedule will allow. And, because of the elevation in high-rise apartment buildings, sun and wind exposure will be more of a factor when it comes to growing beautiful plants outdoors on a terrace or balcony.

The solution: Sagegreenlife living walls.

Our living walls and partitions make it easy to liven up an urban space.

Indoors or out, each vibrant and visually stunning wall not only brings a home to life, but also improves air quality, helps with noise reduction and enhances well-being.

Our Verdanta™ Collection of precision-manufactured living walls is ideal for indoor spaces. The perfect blend of beauty, function and flexibility, they are completely self-contained, which means the owner never has to worry about watering and maintenance.

Simply plug them in to bring any space to life!

Installed in just a few hours with bountiful plant growth, Verdanta Flourish walls are modular in design, allowing designers and homeowners to choose the perfect size for the space and instantly begin enjoying the benefits of plants in the home.

And the best part?

Because setup is so effortless, our Flourish walls move easily if the owner relocates or simply wants to update a current space. That means no heavy pots or accessories to carry from room to room—or home to home.

Here are just a few more reasons to choose Sagegreenlife living walls:

  • Climate is never an issue. Because our Verdanta living walls are designed for indoor spaces, we save owners the stress of selecting the right plants for the weather or climate zone. Rest assured, the plants will not only grow but thrive.

  • We take care of watering and maintenance. Our patented hydroponic (soil-less) wall system is made with non-decaying basalt rock fiber Biotile® to provide the wall with nutrients, water and airflow indefinitely and will not decay or break down over time. As a result, our living walls practically take care of themselves.

  • They are natural space savers: From a living room to a home office, Sagegreenlife vertical walls take up minimal space, allowing for maximum elbow room while still surrounding a space in natural plant life.

You absolutely can have a lush, beautiful greenscape in your or your client’s high-rise living area that requires minimal upkeep and is more affordable than you may think.

Request more information here or email us at to set up a consultation. Once we work out the details of your design, our green walls are installed fully grown to create instant impact.

We look forward to helping you create your custom-made vertical garden.

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