Living Green Walls: The Wallpaper of the Future

Since at least the 1950s, it seems our collective concept of the future has been one of sterile, monochromatic surfaces; unisex space uniforms; laser beams; walls full of screens, etc. But why? Is that what we’re hoping for?

Do we want to be forced to take our to hovercrafts to specially designated areas just to enjoy the (scientifically proven) health benefits that the verdant greenery of the natural world affords? Or to spend our days with nothing to feast our eyes on but binary code and the molecularly gastronomic transparent ravioli we’re having for lunch?

It’s time to say “no” to a bleak future.

It might be hard to detect at first, but see if you can spot the difference between this:

And this :

That’s better!

The Sagegreenlife Living Wall doesn’t just look amazing; it can actually help anyone in its vicinity feel amazing. Who wouldn’t want to eat lunch, work, shop or study, next to a magnificent, health-boosting, sound-absorbent work of art?

The future is alive and thriving in Sagegreenlife’s Living Walls.

Each one-of-a-kind living wall is designed in collaboration with the client, ensuring the finished product will be a rich complement to any type of decor or setting (indoor and out). Even better, Sagegreenlife walls typically take only eight-to-ten weeks to design, deliver and install, depending on the scope of the project.

But surely something so exquisitely vibrant must take need substantial upkeep, right? Well, it probably would, if it weren’t so elegantly designed. The truth is, Sagegreenlife Living Walls practically take care of themselves.

How do we do it?

Once a client has selected a design, our master horticulturalists seed their plants into directly into our patented, non-decaying basalt rock fiber Biotile®, which will provide the wall with nutrients, water and airflow indefinitely.

Water comes from clients’ already-existing plumbing, which is connected to special “drip-tubes” within the tile that irrigates the plants around the clock, with just the right amount of moisture.

Because our Biotiles® are modular, they can be arranged in practically any configuration, cover as much or as little space as desired and even wrap around curves, providing clients with infinite design possibilities.

Limited or unadaptable wall space? No worries!

As makers of the “wallpaper of the future,” Sagegreenlife is nothing if not innovative, so in those cases where a client doesn’t want or can’t have a built-in living wall, we’ve developed our Verdanta™ Collection.

Verdanta™ rolling partitions and freestanding walls come complete with a self-contained irrigation/nutrient system, are customizable and able to operate with just a standard electrical outlet.

Living Partitions are available in two models:

  • Duet - An elegant, moveable partition featuring your choice and configuration of plants on both sides.

  • Productivity - Brains and beauty coexist in the form of a stylish partition that provides lush greenery on one side and Sagegreen’s Productivity Wall writing surface on the other.

Flourish Walls are freestanding, customizable, one-sided walls that can be sized to fit your space and, unlike our built-in walls, can be moved to another location if needed.

If, after reading this, it’s hard to envision a future without your own Sagegreenlife Living Wall, we suggest you reach out today. Our sales staff, designers, and horticulturalists are ready and waiting to provide you not only with superior  service, but with a veritable masterpiece that will forever transform the way your entire office looks and feels.

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