Living Walls Offer Multifunctional Solutions for All Your Interior Design Projects

Looking for a fresh, new way to liven up a home or office? How about a way to create a natural room divider or direct the flow of foot traffic through a large space? Maybe you’re looking for a way to absorb sound in a way that blends naturally into a commercial environment.

One of the most versatile, multifunctional design options in home and commercial décor is a living wall. Living walls, or vertical gardens, transform any space into a favorite one, with endless design options and multi-faceted applications.

Living walls are the answer to many of your design challenges.

Residential and retail clients alike find living walls the best solution for some of the most difficult design challenges. For instance, when a retail client wants to create a more aesthetically pleasing, holistic experience for customers, a custom-designed living wall is a great option. Sagegreenlife Living Walls can be incorporated around signage or displays to enhance the customer experience, helping them feel welcomed and more relaxed.

Rethink residential designs.

Inside a home, a vertical garden can be an artististic focal point in a living room, inviting nature inside any time of the year to make a bold, aesthetic statement. Or, a floor-to-ceiling living greenery can bring a grand foyer or staircase to life with the fresh look, feel and smell of live plants.

For outdoor residential spaces, vertical gardens make cold, cement patios feel less sterile and create a more harmonious space for family gatherings. Vertical gardens work especially well when your client lives in an apartment or condo and doesn’t have the space for a traditional garden. Simply add a living wall to the existing design and you won’t need extra land or take up valuable square footage on the floor.

Hint: Vertical gardens are also a great option for adding privacy to between condominium neighbors in close proximity.

Living walls create a versatile office space...with options and health benefits.

In a large, open office space, portable, stand-alone living walls create natural workspaces that don’t feel closed in or stuffy. In fact, with countless health benefits, living greenery does just the opposite: It makes an office environment less stuffy by removing toxins from the air, giving employees more energy and helping to foster higher productivity and creativity all around.

And, since Sagegreenlife portable walls are easy to move around, you can quickly reconfigure a space to accommodate the ever-changing needs of a growing business.

Hint: Living walls provide natural sound dampening benefits for busy workplaces and they’re much more aesthetically pleasing than plain, fabric-covered partitions.

All living walls are not created equally.

At Sagegreenlife, we offer the most advanced design system of living walls on the market. Our innovative Biotiles™ are scalable to any size, location and layout – including wrapping around corners and signage.

In addition to creating visually stunning spaces, the Biotile system is made of 100 percent recyclable rockwood that won’t decay over time. Plants love our self-watering Biotiles and have up to a 95 percent survival rate. So, clients won’t have to worry about adding “high-maintenance gardening” to their already busy to-do lists.

As an added bonus, our system is 10 times more water efficient than soil-based systems, so you’re doing your part to promote a more environmentally conscious design solution to every client, commercial or residential.

Because the Sagegreenlife Living Wall system is so versatile in both design and upkeep, our vertical gardens will not only survive, they’ll thrive in virtually any environment or climate. How’s that for solving a design challenge? Low maintenance and long-lasting.

It really doesn’t get any better than a Sagegreenlife Living Wall. Start your next design project today.

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