Living Walls Transformed These 3 Office Spaces

When most of us think of offices, the words “dull,” “bland” and “boring” often come to mind.

But, a row of cubicles with no sign of nature in sight is the old way of working – enter living walls. More impactful than a small desk plant and even easier to care for, living walls have the ability to positively affect an office environment.

At Sagegreenlife, a team of horticulturists and designers create bespoke green walls that bring corporate spaces to life – literally. The lush, flourishing plant life serves as an aesthetically pleasing design element while also improving air quality and reducing workers’ stress levels.

Here are just a few of the Sagegreenlife living wall projects that completely transformed a workspace:


Madison, WI

This nonprofit membership organization’s corporate headquarters welcomes visitors with a long, lively wall in many shades of green.


New York, NY

The world’s largest eyewear company deserves an office space that is pleasing to the eye! This towering green wall infused nature into the lunchroom located within company’s headquarters.

Habits at Work

Chicago, IL

Living walls are a perfect fit for firms focused on employee wellness and productivity, something that this human resources consulting firm recognizes. The plant life in this installation brings a natural element to the workspace.

Sagegreenlife offers flexible solutions for workplaces focused on infusing nature into their spaces, ranging from large-scale custom installations to self-contained living walls and partitions. Contact us to learn more about how to integrate greenery into your office environment.

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