Looking to Increase Property Value? Living Walls Are a Simple Solution

Living walls, sometimes called green walls or vertical gardens, are not just beautiful to look at. When added to a residential or commercial property, they offer unique benefits that promote the well-being of a building’s inhabitants and enhance the surrounding ecosystem.

As a result of their positive impact on human and environmental health, living walls have become an increasingly popular addition to modern buildings — from apartment complexes and corporate offices to hotels and retail spaces — and studies show the trend is paying off.

Green design elements are raising property value from coast to coast.

Although important, location is not the only factor taken into account when determining the value of a property. Additional variables such as the square footage, overall security and parking availability are also considered, along with any desirable features and amenities. In recent decades, green building improvements have made the list of features that contribute to higher property value, and that includes the use of living walls.

How do living walls boost property value? The simplest answer is aesthetics.

Across the country, our natural green spaces are shrinking due to continued urban expansion and development. In addition to the environmental impact caused by the loss of trees, flowers and greenery, there is a growing disconnect between humans and the beauty of the natural world — a beauty that comes with incredible value in terms of mental health and emotional well-being.

Plants calm us and help us focus. Plants inspire mindfulness. Plants promote a positive mood. Plants bring neighbors and communities together. Plants become a soothing sanctuary against a backdrop of concrete and steel. All of these benefits are multiplied in the form of a thriving vertical garden.

Interestingly, the millennial generation and its love of greenery is a driving force behind the rising popularity of living walls, and a growing number of architects and designers have started to embrace the trend. People want to see green, so you can imagine the immediate curb appeal of a building exterior covered in abundant plant life.

Another big reason: Living walls are energy savers.

Living walls act as natural insulators, reducing heat transfer from the exterior of a building. This helps to keep indoor air temperatures cooler and reduce overall energy use.

At a time when the green building movement continues to gain momentum in the United States, and with it the rise of certification programs such as LEED and the WELL Building Standard (WELL), energy-saving measures like the installation of a living wall can go a long way toward boosting property value.

According to the U.S. Green Building Council, “upfront investment in green building makes properties more valuable, with an average expected increase in value of 4 percent.” Further, facilities that demonstrate a commitment to sustainable design and construction have been shown to attract more tenants and routinely command higher rent prices.

And let’s not forget about noise pollution.

As you can imagine, noise pollution is a common problem in densely populated metropolitan areas. Nonstop vehicle traffic, construction noise, loud music — these and other sources of audible commotion can result in an unpleasant experience for hotel guests, office workers, hospital patients, apartment building inhabitants and others. On top of that, ongoing exposure to noise pollution can have lasting health implications.

Plants on their own have been shown to block both high- and low-frequency sounds to effectively reduce noise pollution, but Sagegreenlife living walls also feature our patented Biotile™ rockwool base (the cornerstone of our hydroponic growing system). Combined with the plants chosen for each wall, our Biotiles create a natural sound barrier that significantly reduces noise pollution and creates a more pleasant interior environment.

Let Sagegreenlife help you design the perfect living wall for any property.

A Michigan State University study found that adding plants to the exterior of a home raises its perceived value by up to 11 percent. If simple landscaping can have that effect on real estate value, imagine the benefits of adding a living wall to a residential or commercial property.

Talk to a member of the Sagegreenlife team today and let us help you create the perfect living wall for your design client. Our streamlined process makes it easy to go from consultation to final installation, and we work with you to select the best plant types for your client’s space and climate zone. Setup is minimally disruptive and our green walls are installed fully grown to ensure instant impact.

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