When Daniel Pouzet began designing for sagegreenlife, his goal was to bring nature to new and unexpected places. Using Sage Vertical Gardens’ soil-free vertical technology, he created Edelwhite: a versatile, modern, living frame that allows plants to grow on a vertical plane, but it also works as a tabletop display. Soil-free technology means that no matter where you put Edelwhite, you’ll never have the mess or pests associated with traditional plants potted in soil. Perfect for anyone who wants more nature in their life, Edelwhite is beautiful, versatile, and clean.

Inspired by the Alps, Pouzet designed Edelwhite to be beautiful whether the plants inside are large or small. The white color and textured façade create a frame that is artful on its own, but when combined with plants creates a stunning art piece. The leaf pattern is continuous, so hanging more than one Edelwhite together creates an amazing visual effect.

Edelwhite’s design makes it versatile and can be used in many ways. Laying the frame flat on a dining table or coffee table creates a beautiful living centerpiece. Edelwhite can also be propped up and placed vertically on a table to show off its unique vertical capabilities. Hanging Edelwhite on a wall is the most impressive way to display the living frame, both because of the uniqueness of finding plants on a wall and because of the tessellation effect of the leaf pattern.

The soil-free technology inside of Edelwhite is what makes it really special. Rock wool, the growth material inside of Edelwhite, is what allows plants to thrive in the vertical position. Rock wool holds on to water efficiently and evenly, so the top row of plants gets the same amount of water as the bottom row. Plants rooted vertically in traditional soil don’t have this advantage and often die. Also unlike traditional soil, there is no mess to clean up and no worry of dirt falling on your walls, furniture or floors. Hanging Edelwhite on a wall puts it out of reach of small children and pets, keeping them safe and your plants looking beautiful.

Plant selection is key for Edelwhite. It relies on natural light to grow the plants, so it’s important to consider the environment where Edelwhite will be placed when selecting plants. If the space receives little natural light, ferns and tropical are best. Ferns are the best plants for low light or shade. Our tropical palette is very easy to grow, so they are great for plant beginners. For succulents and herbs, a lot of light is needed. Succulents and herbs thrive in bright, sunny spaces.  Take a look at  this blog post to learn more about sagegreenlife's plant selection.

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