Meet Our Plant Expert: Nathan Beckner

The key ingredient in every Sagegreenlife living wall installation is the plants. Without them, they wouldn't be living walls at all. Nathan Beckner is our resident plant expert; the horticulturist who designs and manages each installation to make sure it'll thrive. Here's a little more about Nathan, Horticulturist and Plant Design Manager:

Nathan’s first experience in the world of horticulture was as a Rosarian

Nathan has been with Sagegreenlife for nearly 4 years. He spent several years as a Rosarian (a grower and procurer of rare and heirloom rose varieties) before joining the Sage team as Horticulturist and Plant Design Manager.

Roses from Nathan's garden

His grandmother inspired him to work with plants

Nathan’s grandmother was a farmer in rural Indiana, as well as an avid gardener and Rosarian. He spent many summers learning from her near-century's worth of knowledge of growing.

Roses from Nathan's garden

Before joining Sagegreenlife, he was a fashion/celebrity photographer

Nathan spent more than 15 years as a fashion/celebrity photographer, shooting such stars as Jennifer Hudson. He left the industry to pursue his passion for plants.

His favorite plant? Anything heirloom and fragrant

"Many people don’t know there is a wide variety of fragrant plants out there that grow well indoors. Many of these plants perform beautifully in our walls.”

He wants people to be less intimidated by Sagegreenlife living walls

Nathan said his favorite feature of Sagegreenlife living walls is how easy they are to maintain. “People shouldn’t be intimidated to incorporate one into any space.” (Learn more about the advantages of Sagegreenlife living walls here.)

Nathan at an indoor living wall installation in Dallas, TX

His favorite Sagegreenlife installation is our most recent one

When asked about his favorite installation, he said, “That would have to be the one I designed for Snapchat Headquarters. Even though it’s not one of the largest wall I have done, it has a such great mix of vintage and heirloom plants that one typically doesn’t see much of anymore. Plants like Strawberry begonia, Large leaf fittonia and a rarer type of stag horn fern that nearly powdery white.”

Sagegreenlife living wall installation at Snapchat's Chicago headquarters, designed and photographed by Nathan Beckner

Nathan's plant knowledge, experience, and incredible eye for design combine to create stunning, healthy living wall installations. See more Sagegreenlife living walls and Nathan's plant designs here.

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