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In a perfect world, concern for employee wellness would be perennially status quo. And while it’s true that some companies have been offering paid sick leaves, gym memberships and healthy cafeteria options for decades, never before have we seen so much attention paid to both the physical and mental fitness of employees.

Although we’d like to believe that, when it comes to staff, business owners and managers value health for health’s sake, there is another (perhaps more compelling) reason they want their employees feeling hale and hearty:

Healthy Body + Positive Mindset = Greater Productivity

It’s common sense backed by science. A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention productivity audit found that employee absenteeism costs American businesses around $225.8 billion annually. Not only that, but a 2016 World Health Organization study found that anxiety and depression costs businesses worldwide almost $1 trillion per year.

How the Smartest Companies are Stepping Up Their Wellness Game

You can offer all the sick days, gym memberships or healthy food you want, but that doesn’t mean all your employees will avail themselves of your thoughtfulness. So how are today’s employers promoting wellness without forcing staff to take part?

Turns out, it’s all about ambience. That’s right, the environment in which people work has a marked impact on both mental and physical wellbeing. Let’s talk about how:

  • Air Quality - Stale office air isn’t merely unpleasant; it usually contains a combination of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) that are linked to conditions and diseases like asthma, nausea, cancer and other respiratory illnesses.

Forward-thinking office planners are turning toward boosting air

circulation/ventilation, cutting back on pollution-causing cleaning

products/pesticides and introducing plants as a means of air-purification.

  • Light/View - It should come as no surprise that being surrounded by bland decor and working under the insipid glare of fluorescent lighting has a way of dulling your psyche as much as it does your complexion. In fact, a University of Oregon study found that employees with access to natural light and views of greenery had 6.5 percent fewer sick days than those without.

  • Indoor Plants - Whether the secret lies in their air-cleaning capabilities, their mood-lifting qualities or both, the fact is that plants in work environments make people feel better.

A Norwegian study showed that workers with plants in their offices reported a 23 percent decrease in twelve commons symptoms, including fatigue, headache, dizziness, cough, dry eyes, and dry skin; with cough and fatigue leading the pack with 37 percent and 30 percent reductions, respectively.

A Common Thread, An Uncommon Answer

If you pay attention to bold print, you’ve noticed by now that all three of these scientifically recommended atmosphere-enhancing tips share one thing in common: plants.

We actually noticed that some time ago, which is why we were proud to offer a three-birds-one-stone solution that’s as sustainable as it is breathtaking.

Behold, the c

You’ve always known that employee wellness is a beautiful thing, but did you ever imagine it could be this beautiful?

Even better, your company can begin reaping the benefits of cleaner air, a stimulating view and close worker-to-plant proximity in as soon as eight-to-ten weeks, depending on the scope of your project.

Our superb team of designers, horticulturalists and installation engineers make the process of getting your own custom, one-of-a-kind wall uncomplicated, enjoyable and surprisingly expeditious.

Practically self-sustaining, our walls are connected directly to existing plumbing and able to water themselves through special “drip tubes”, while the layered, non-decaying, basalt rock-fiber cores of our patented Biotiles™ provide all necessary nutrients.

And because our Biotiles™ are modular in design, our living walls can assemble in nearly any size or shape, wrap around corners and even hug curves. Where there’s wall space, there’s room for endless possibilities.

The Sagegreenlife Verdanta™ Collection

For offices where a portable option makes more sense, we introduce our Verdanta™ Collection of customizable, rolling partitions and freestanding walls, featuring self-contained irrigation systems and powered by standard electrical outlets.

Living Partitions are available in two models

  • Duet - An elegant, moveable partition featuring your choice and configuration of plants on both sides.

  • Productivity - Brains and beauty coexist in the form of a stylish partition that provides lush greenery on one side and Sagegreen’s Productivity Wall writing surface on the other.

Flourish Walls are freestanding, customizable, one-sided walls that can be sized to fit your space and, unlike our built-in walls, can be moved to another location if needed.

What could be better than an exquisite, self-sustaining, living work of art gracing your workspace? How about a room full of happy, healthy employees who are engaged, inspired and more likely to show up every day?

Sagegreenlife Living Walls make everything better. Let’s get started on yours today!

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