Personalize Your Workspace

Whether you work from a cubicle or in your own home, your office space should be a little hub of inspiration and productivity. We spend a large portion of our lives working, so our work spaces should be motivating and enjoyable; how are we going to be effective in a negative environment?

Whether you work in a large room or a small corner, make sure you keep your area organized and tidy - this is an essential starting point. Once that's accomplished you can personalize your office space and that's where the inspiration can begin.

If you're limited by space, a small group of house plants will work well. Keep it simple and add a modern lamp, which will also be a useful addition. This kind of easy fix works really well in a very stark environment, complementing the uniformity with a natural edge.

If you have the luxury of a little more space, specifically wall space, try covering a wall in chalk board paint. This gives you the opportunity to hang pictures, create large mood boards and add notes or sketches in chalk.

You can make the wall as busy or as clean as you like, adding motivational words, swatches, quotes, postcards. The best bit about this idea is that you can change the way your environment looks whenever you feel like it. Ideal if you

work on lots of different projects or you need to map out a big game plan.

For some of us space is not an option, working from a tiny desk in the corner of a room, but lack of space doesn't necessarily mean a lack of inspiration. Take a color you love and add pops of it into your work area.

You can do this with retro tins, which look great and add a small amount of storage, you can add color through stationary, vintage model cars or a framed photograph. Keep things small, practical and visually stimulating, then no matter how small your work space, you can make it a great place to be and somewhere productive for you.

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