If You Plant It, They Will Come Retail Stores See the Value in Sagegreenlife Living Walls

As brick and mortar stores look for innovative ways to compete with online retailers, the use of living design elements is becoming increasingly popular.

Humans have a deep connection to nature, which some experts believe stems from a time when plants and greenery represented life and the opportunity for sustenance.

Because of this connection, being in close proximity to vegetation produces several positive effects that retailers can leverage to make their businesses more appealing — and more profitable.

Green draws the eye and entices customers to come in.

Shopping malls and retail plazas are often dominated by the same steel and glass design elements, causing many businesses to blend into the background and go unnoticed by shoppers hurrying by.

Adding an organic feature at or near the entrance of a store gives those retailers an advantage over their competitors. A lush living wall, for example, becomes an extension of signage — something shoppers will notice from afar and often change courses to explore.

Once inside, plants put consumers at ease and extend shopping times.

Countless studies have revealed the therapeutic benefits of indoor greenery. In addition to lowering stress levels and promoting positive moods, the presence of plant life improves physical health and wellness because plants are natural air purifiers.

Plants also help with noise reduction, which in turn, creates a more inviting atmosphere that encourages visitors to stay longer and continue shopping. Research has shown that consumers who are happier typically spend more than those who are in a negative mood.

Large and small businesses can enjoy reduced energy costs.

Through a process called transpiration, vegetation releases moisture into the air, which helps with both heating and cooling. In fact, plants can alter the temperature of an indoor space by as much as 10 degrees, which cuts down on energy costs.

Stores benefit from happier, healthier employees.

Just as indoor greenery benefits customers, it also has a positive effect on workers.

Retailers who introduce plants and living design elements find that employee morale increases and staff members are friendlier, less stressed, more helpful and take fewer sick days — all of which contribute to increased productivity.

Sagegreenlife living walls transform retail spaces with the power of green.

At Sagegreenlife, we create vibrant living walls made of plant, herbs and flowers that instantly transform any retail space.

The perfect fit for designers and architects’ retail clients, our media walls act as natural platforms to bring messaging to life. When combined with in-store displays or custom branding, they leverage the natural attraction to nature and create a multi-sensory, memorable brand experience for consumers.

We also offer built-in living walls and mobile partitions to give design clients a multitude of design options.

Each wall is made possible by our patented hydroponic (soil-less) Biotile® system. Once a retailer selects a design, our master horticulturalists will get to work seeding plants directly into the Biotiles, which will provide the wall with nutrients, water and airflow indefinitely. Also, because our Biotiles are modular, the wall can wrap, curve and cover any space, large or small.

In just weeks, Sagegreenlife can deliver a fully grown green wall to your client so they can start seeing the benefits in their store. Call one of our vertical garden specialists today at 312.234.9655 or email us at to make an appointment.

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