Plants in Schools: How Nature Enhances the Education Experience

By relieving stress and boosting focus, nature can help students thrive in an educational setting. Here’s how indoor plants in schools improve the learning experience.

Schools are such magical places. It’s where curious minds gather to learn, discover and explore their own potential. Yet, the educational experience doesn’t stop at lessons and lectures. The space matters just as much — if not more.

Look no further than the power of nature when you want to enhance the educational environment. With such positive effects on the mind and body, plants in schools will sow the seeds for a stellar learning experience. Here’s how.

Plants help students get their brains into gear.

In an educational setting, staying focused is everything. It can make or break how well a student approaches everything, from lectures to papers. Ultimately, focus is at the root of learning.

The right design, however, can positively influence attention and concentration.

Take a tip from research and go green.

According to a study in the Journal of Environmental Psychology, plants decrease mental fatigue during attention-demanding work. The experiment, which randomly assigned 34 students to a “plant” or “no plant” room, involved a cognitive task and 5-minute break.

Throughout the study, researchers measured the students’ attention capacity and found a link between the plant room and improved performance. Meanwhile, the 5-minute break had no effect.

Greenery is also extremely calming, letting the mind focus on what is most important. Additionally, plants improve air quality and absorb toxins, including those known to cause headaches. See you later, brain fog.

Learning around nature gives memory a boost.

Let’s be honest: Some people don’t have the best memory. But for a student with tests to take and speeches to give, retaining information is essential.

Plants have been found to enhance memory performance by 20%. It’s also closely linked to improved focus, which grants the brain more chances to absorb information. (In fact, some aromatic plants like peppermint are valued for increasing alertness and memory.)

Again, it’s all about those feel-good emotions. In a 2018 HortScience study, researchers shared that plants promote positive feelings. This fuels the cognitive function needed for memory retention.

Basically, greenery is the best study buddy a student can ask for.

To-do lists have nothing on the power of nature.

For busy students, productivity is the name of the game. And according to a study by Washington State University, working around plants may be the winning move.

Researchers observed a 12% increase in productivity when participants completed a simple computer task. Accuracy, efficiency and overall quality of work also improved. It’s the perfect setup for tackling a to-do list.

Better yet, greenery enhances creativity and problem solving, making it easier to develop new ideas and solutions. It sure beats chugging a third cup of joe.

Hanging out with greenery equals less stress.

Between due dates and group projects, students are no strangers to stress. Plus, it’s not rare for students to juggle school with jobs, internships or children. Needless to say, life can get pretty hectic.

Plants in schools can relieve that stress. By offering a calm and peaceful environment, nature helps reduce blood pressure and suppress the sympathetic nervous system, leading to lower physical and psychological stress.

The benefits don’t stop there. Scientific studies have found that students who take tests around plants have an easier time recovering from stress, and the effect is even greater for rooms without windows and natural light. How’s that for functional décor?

Sagegreenlife is ready to design a space that inspires learning.

While there’s nothing wrong with pots and planters, these options take up a lot of room. They also require regular maintenance and watering to stay alive and healthy.

Our custom living walls feature self-irrigation technology. This allows foliage to soak up the perfect amount of nutrients, air and water. The system is also flexible, adaptable and practically self-sustainable. All you need to do is bask in the beauty of nature.

Remember, a vertical garden is more than just pretty décor. Contact us today and tell us about your ideas. Together, we can create a sustainable living wall that inspires students for years to come.

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