Problem-Solving Plants That Do Double-Duty

Serving as much more than just a pretty sight, your home garden, potted plants or living wall might be packed with more benefits than you realize. Many of those budding beauties tucked in the back yard or flourishing alongside your home décor are fully capable of doing double-duty. From medicinal properties to beauty benefits, these plants have the power to be serious problem solvers.

Edible Leaves

To source hints of flavor, don’t stay confined to your herb garden. Many other plants featured in your garden are also edible and can provide unique additions to your palette or presentation.

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Image Sources: Apulia Plants | The Spruce

  • Hibiscus: The popular hibiscus flower can be eaten cooked, raw, as a spice, as a food dye, or as a tea.

  • Pansy and Viola Flowers: These beauties can double up as the perfect dessert topper with their fresh, sweet flavor.

Beauty Botanicals

Many common plants also serve as wrinkle-fighters, skin toners, and complexion brighteners. Ditch the chemicals and use these natural beauty boosters.

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Image Sources: Plant Propaganda | Gardenista

  • Roses: Roses can be used to create almost any beauty product. Their oils contain moisturizing, antiseptic, astringent and anti-inflammatory properties, making them not only romantic, but also skin-saving flowers.

  • Calendula: These bright flowers are packed with high levels of antioxidants. From plumping skin to fighting dry lips, they prevent inflammation and increase hydration and circulation. Putting the plant to work couldn’t be easier – just throw the flower heads into a bath and soak up the benefits.

Medicinal Melodies

Before reaching for your medicine cabinet, try looking through your garden for a natural option. Many plants have powerful healing properties that can help with an array of health issues.

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Image Sources: Livestrong | Teatulia

  • Aloe: Known for its power in healing burns, aloe is also packed with antibacterial properties and can help alleviate an array of oral issues, including canker sores.

  • Peppermint: Peppermint is another incredibly beneficial plant that is easy to grow right in your home. It can help with your digestive system, purify blood, and relieve headaches.

Mood-Boosting Blooms

Many of the essential oils you know and love might just be rooted right in your garden. Several plants have the powerful ability to improve your mood by reducing stress or increasing energy.

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Image Sources: Pixabay | Auntie Dogma’s Garden Spot

  • Lavender: Lavender is known for its calming capabilities and can be picked from your garden and rubbed right onto your skin or infused in oil. Keeping the plant indoors also constantly infuses the relaxing aroma into your living space.

  • Rosemary: On the other hand, rosemary has stimulating abilities, increasing memory retention and focus. Infuse rosemary in a sealed container of olive oil to create your own aromatic oil.

If you don’t already have these problem-solvers in your home, it’s time to add them in! From indoor pots to outdoor gardens to living walls, find the perfect spot to grow these double-duty plants so you can take advantage of all their benefits.

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