Psychological Benefits of Plants in the Office Offer a Measurable Return on Your Investment

As a business owner, it makes sense to create an environment that gets employees excited to come to work each day. While some achieve this through on-site yoga rooms, free lunches on Fridays or perhaps even a once-a-month, in-office happy hour, you can create an environment your employees and visitors look forward to every day, with living plants.

If you’re not yet aware of the many psychological benefits of having plants in the office, here are a few things to consider:

People have an innate desire to be connected to nature.

There’s actually a name for this innate desire that connects us all to nature and helps us feel better — like when we’re enjoying a hike in the mountains, a swim in a lake or a breathtaking view of a waterfall: It’s called the biophilia hypothesis. American biologist Edward O. Wilson coined the term in his written work in 1984, which proposed that human beings tend to focus on and affiliate with nature as a result of our genetic compositions.

So, basically, it’s in our DNA to want to be around living plants because we ultimately feel better when we are in the middle of a natural surrounding. Since most people have to go to an office environment each day, as a business owner, you can help recreate some semblance of the great outdoors with indoor living plants.

Plants in the workplace help reduce stress.

We all realize that people often feel stressed at work because of impending deadlines, upcoming meetings or performance standards and evaluations. Plants can help reduce the stress that employees feel on a daily basis. Scientific studies show that living greenery helps reduce anxiety and tension, and decreases anger and hostility over work-related issues.

Perhaps this is largely due to the fact that we simply feel better psychologically when we’re connected to nature in some small way, even if it’s just a few indoor plants to help make the office space more cheerful.

Living greenery helps reduce illness and absences.

When you feel happier and are less stressed, it makes sense to feel physically healthier, too. Employees who work in offices with living plants report more feelings of well-being than those who work in more sterile environments.

Part of this may be psychological, and we know for a fact that plants work hard to remove toxins from the air. It stands to reason then, if you’re breathing cleaner air, you’ll have fewer illnesses, like colds and allergies, to keep you home from work.

Plants boost productivity and foster creativity.

Happier, healthier employees have higher productivity levels than those who work in cold, sterile environments without plants.

Research shows that adding just a few plants to an office space can improve memory retention and help employees complete tasks more efficiently. Plants also increase attention span, helping staff members stay focused – especially during that afternoon slump after lunch, when many rely on caffeine to help them finish out the last few hours of the day.

Additionally, when you turn your focus to nature – something called attention restoration theory – your brain shifts into a different, more creative mindset, so you’re able to relax and solve problems with more effective, out-of-the-box solutions.

Living walls are an easy, decorative way to enhance any office décor.

So where do you begin, when you want to transform your office space into a more conducive environment for all who enter?

With the lowest cost of ownership and maintenance in vertical gardens, Sagegreenlife Living Walls make it simple, easy and affordable to incorporate live plants into any office space. Our patented Biotile™ system is a rockwood base that won’t decay and provides a strong advantage over the more extensive maintenance requirements of soil-based plant systems.

Our vertical gardens are versatile enough to fit into any space, large or small, and Sagegreenlife Living Walls can even be designed to wrap around corners, or be incorporated into existing signage and structures. Our horticulture experts can design custom living walls that work best in your space, taking into consideration which plants will thrive in your specific office environment.

We’re unsurpassed in versatility and low-maintenance.

You won’t have to worry about taking extra care of your living walls. Sagegreenlife vertical gardens come with self-irrigation technology that distributes just the right amount of water; our plants have approximately a 95 percent survival rate. This unique system of Biotiles and self-irrigation technology is 10 times more water efficient than soil-based systems, too.

If you’re concerned about permanently adding to your office space, we also offer the option of portable living walls with our Verdanta™ Collection — the perfect solution for a more mobile design that you can reconfigure or take with you as your business expands or relocates.

The psychological and physical benefits of living walls in your office space will come back to you as a great return on your investment. With happier, healthier employees who are excited to come to work, the possibilities of what your company can do are endless.

Get in touch with us today to talk about adding a living wall to your space.

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