The Quiet Healer: Why Hospitals Love Sagegreenlife Living Walls

Walk into any hospital and the view is about the same:

Cold fluorescent lighting. Stark white walls. Harsh angles at every turn.

For a place meant to provide healing and comfort, modern hospitals often fall short when it comes to matching the design approach to the overall objective (i.e., promoting health and wellness).

The good news is that times seem to be changing.

Hospitals are slowly beginning to see the healing benefits of ecotherapy.

Ecotherapy, sometimes called green care, refers to the restorative power of interacting with the natural world, and hospitals throughout the U.S. are moving toward incorporating the idea into their design strategy.

This includes the integration of outdoor healing gardens as well as adding indoor plants and flowers to lobbies, waiting areas, nursing stations and patient rooms.

With Sagegreenlife, you can offer your design client endless possibilities, from custom built-in living walls for public spaces to self-contained mobile partitions that can be relocated easily to fit any space.

Why bring more green into acute care settings?

We know from previous studies that plants play an important role in improving indoor air quality because they naturally remove harmful toxins, dust, mold and bacteria.

Such allergens and irritants can worsen patient illnesses and impact recovery times, making added greenergy especially beneficial in a hospital environment.

But better air quality is only the beginning.

Newer studies are finding additional reasons to make hospitals greener.

These include:

  • Shorter patient recovery times

  • Reduced needs for pain medication

  • Better relaxation and improvement in moods

  • Reduced stress and anxiety (for patients and visitors)

  • Faster wound healing (resulting from lower stress levels)

  • Fewer post-surgical complications

  • Improvements in blood pressure

Indoor plants also promote wellness among hospital staff.

Research shows having plants in the workplace eases stress, boosts employee morale and improves concentration, among other benefits.

Just as in other places of business, satisfied and stress-free employees who are focused on their work ultimately contribute to more successful organizations.

Vibrant, sustainable Sagegreenlife Living Walls are the ideal solution.

Are you ready to introduce your design client to the future of ecotherapeutic design?

Sagegreenlife makes it easy to go from consultation to final installation. Simply call one of our vertical garden specialists at 312.234.9655 or email us at to make an appointment.

After the design is finalized, our in-house plant experts collaborate with local nurseries to grow the plants into our patented hydroponic technology. Once finished, we will deliver the fully grown green wall directly to your client so they can immediately start seeing the benefits of their unique indoor greenscape.

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