Reconnect with Nature

Connecting or reconnecting with nature is important for humans. It has been shown that a connection with nature improves health, spiritual well-being, and the human experience of feeling alive. Humans have made their schedules increasingly busy and have grown reliant on electronics. Taking time out to reconnect with nature is a healthy tool to improve your life this spring and summer. Here are some ways you can reconnect with nature:

1. Go on a Hike – Hiking provides you with an opportunity to walk on the ground, enjoy the outside air, and see the natural surroundings in your area. Hiking is great exercise and provides a nice quiet time to spend with friends or even by yourself. To find the closest hiking trails to you, visit this wesbite, where you will find reviews of the trails and difficulty level.

2. Have a picnic – Visit a park or beach in your area, bring your food and a blanket, sit on the sand or the grass and enjoy! Picnics are a great way to reconnect with nature, to reconnect with your family, or have some quiet time for introspection.

3. Visit a National Park – There are several National Parks in the United States. They contribute to conservation efforts, they are well maintained, and they have some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. Visiting a National Park is a way to reconnect with nature, but also to see what the National Park was protected. You can see endangered species of trees and animals, you can see great landmarks, and you will get to understand some of the beginnings of conservation efforts in the United States.  To see a list of the National Parks or the find the one closest to you, click here.

4. Stargaze – Looking up at the sky at nighttime, during the clear spring and summer months, is another great way to enjoy nature. You can visit a planetarium to learn about what you see in the sky, then you can go out at night and look up to see for yourself what you learned. You can find the closest planetarium here. If you just want to take a look at the sky yourself, you can use an app to show you where things are in the sky or find a constellation map to help you identify what you see. You can find “Star Chart,” a free stargazing app for Android and iPhone in the app store, and you can find different constellations maps here.

Reconnecting with nature helps to appreciate the land and environment that supports humankind. Spending time with nature improves health and mental well-being. This spring or summer make it a priority to find a way to reconnect with nature.

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