Redesign Your Office with a Fresh Look and Feel that Meets the Needs of Your Business

In any office environment, it can be challenging to find the right aesthetic balance.

Too many cubicles can make the space impersonal, while ping-pong tables and plush sofas may be too casual for client meetings. Finding the best balance for your industry, style preferences and office environment helps create a happier, healthier and more productive space for all.

We want to help you with some common design challenges as you redesign your office space to make it more inviting — a daily destination, so to speak — and an office environment that makes everyone look forward to coming to work.

Overwhelming evidence links office design with wellness and productivity.

It’s no secret that people who enjoy their surroundings are more productive at work; conversely, employees who feel stuck in a cubicle, surrounded by drab colors or lack of stimuli, tend to feel less creative and motivated.

But it goes far beyond aesthetics.

Employees perform at their best and call in sick less when they feel relaxed and comfortable at work. So, when you’re considering an office redesign, consider the following questions:

Are company values reflected in the environment?

Are employees comfortable? (Is it too cold? Too warm? Are the chairs too hard?)

Do the colors and aesthetic elements inspire motivation and creativity, or contribute to feelings of tiredness or boredom?

It might be a good idea to take a poll; ask the team for their preferences for an “ideal” office environment as a jumping off point as you consider what to adjust within your space.

Psychologically, when people participate in the overhaul process, they feel included and invested in the new design, which means they’ll be excited about changes before you begin making them.

Natural elements can make a big difference in productivity and wellness, too.

When you want your office to have a healthier balance, natural elements like living greenery can make a huge impact, especially in a technology-focused industry.

One unique way to give your office a fresh look that promotes a balance between technology and nature (while still maintaining professionalism) is with a green, living wall.

Sagegreenlife Living Walls transform ordinary office environments into aesthetically pleasing, healthier spaces for employees and clients alike.

Living walls offer a magnitude of design solutions and an abundance of health benefits, so not only will your office become more aesthetically attractive, but employees will reap the restorative powers of nature like cleaner air, better moods, enhanced creativity and higher productivity.

Plants even have the power to reduce allergy symptoms and lead to fewer sick days.

Cultivate face-time.

When you create a living, growing, green space within your office, you promote more face-to-face conversations by offering an inviting, comfortable gathering area. Living greenery makes your office less sterile, and less “generic” so people enjoy being at work or attending in-person meetings.

Face-to-face gathering areas promote more creative problem-solving activities as well.

Take a more holistic approach to design.

Reflect your company’s values about the environment in your office space redesign. When you choose to incorporate a living wall into your office space, you’re expressing your concern for the environment and promoting a more holistic perspective.

Bonus: Sagegreenlife Living Walls are versatile and self-sustaining.

Sagegreenlife’s design experts and master horticulturalists work with you to create a unique design that fits your office layout and environment.

We also work with local nurseries in your area to select plants and flowers that grow well in your climate, either indoors or outside — wherever you choose to incorporate your living wall of greenery.

Additionally, our patented Biotile® system is ten times more efficient than soil-based systems.

These living walls are self-irrigating, and circulate just the right amount of air and water so plants are in an ideal environment, no matter where you put them.

And, they use 75% less water than any other living wall system available today.

Living walls can be outfitted with their own lighting systems, too, so low light isn’t an issue.

Sagegreenlife Living Walls are modular and scalable to fit any space.

Our modular design is easy to wrap around columns inside or outside, and it effortlessly integrates into signage or displays. The options are as endless as your imagination, and our skilled design team can help you plan the perfect vertical garden for your office. Then, we build it to suit your location.

Need flexibility? We also offer portable living walls and freestanding, customizable walls that can be moved to different locations.

Ready to redesign?

Let’s get started! Consider the countless ways you can turn your office into a happier, healthier environment for everyone who works and visits there. When you think about your design holistically, it’s easier than you might think to create a more sustainable, more productive, aesthetically comfortable space.

As leaders in living design, we stand behind our vertical gardens and look forward to working with you. When you’re ready to transform your office environment for a fresher, healthier look and feel, get in touch and tell us about your ideas.

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