Restaurants: Fresh Plants, Fresh Ingredients — The Benefits of Growing Your Own Food

Even Better Than Farm-to-Table: Wall-to-Table Culinary Gardens for Restaurants

Just a couple generations ago, both rural and suburban families grew their own gardens so they could eat fresh fruits, herbs and vegetables at every meal.

Today, restaurants that boast farm-to-table fare continue to gain momentum across the country. Travel to any major city and even many small towns, and you can enjoy a variety of locally-grown foods offered by ever-changing seasonal menus.

The return to fresh ingredients is not only a benefit for the restaurants that serve them, but for all those who come to enjoy these unprocessed, natural foods. So, how do you accomplish this return to farm-to-table goodness when you’re in the middle of an urban environment without a single farm in sight? You grow your own fresh ingredients right where you are, in the same space where you cook and serve food to your guests.

Living walls make it possible for restaurants to grow fresh plants in virtually any space.

You won’t need to hide your new garden behind the kitchen or somewhere out of sight. Instead, you can incorporate your fresh ingredients right into your restaurant décor. With living walls, also known as vertical gardens, your fresh culinary ingredients also become a design element, creating a rather unique environment for guests to enjoy.

How is this possible? With Sagegreenlife Living Walls, you can grow fresh herbs and other ingredients just about anywhere. How wonderful to be able to pick fresh cilantro, basil, mint, rosemary, thyme — or any other herb — right off the wall to be used as an integral part of your current menu offerings.

As a restaurateur, you can boast to customers that your fresh ingredients are picked right there on the premises.

Growing your own food means going green.

Commercial farming often requires the use of chemicals and pesticides that get absorbed by the foods we eat and contaminate the soil, our water supply and even the air we breathe. By growing your own herbs, fruits and vegetables in a vertical garden, you won’t be adding harsh chemicals to the atmosphere. Fresh ingredients from living walls are organic and healthier for everyone because they make a positive impact on the environment.

Fresh ingredients taste better.

Ask any chef about the advantages of cooking with fresh ingredients, and you’ll hear the same answer: Fresh ingredients just taste better. As herbs and vegetables sit on a shelf, they lose flavor. But, when you pick them directly from your culinary garden, you get better-tasting ingredients the moment you need them.

Sustainable and money-saving.

Growing your own produce and herbs is a sustainable way to save money. Fresh ingredients are always readily available, and you don’t have to continually pay a supplier or delivery fees. Vertical gardens save money and provide you with a nearly endless supply of high-quality ingredients.

Living walls create a happier dining experience for guests.

Aesthetically pleasing and incorporated into your décor, living walls add to a pleasurable dining experience. Living plants have many health benefits, promoting better air quality, boosting moods and creativity, increasing air moisture and reducing allergy symptoms. Plus, patrons love dining among the plants that inspired the food they’re eating. It’s wonderful for guests to make a connection to where their food came from as they’re enjoying it.

Sagegreenlife Living Walls make restaurant gardens possible.

With the most versatile system in vertical gardens, Sagegreenlife Living Walls can make your culinary garden come to life as both a design element and a natural food source. Our patented soilless Biotiles® and self-contained watering system make it easy to have a garden without added work or upkeep. Biotiles provide plants with all the nutrients and water they need for sustainability in nearly any environment, including those with low lighting.

Our system is scalable, adaptable, and energy-efficient. Sagegreenlife Living Walls use 75 percent less water than any other living wall system available today.

Give your restaurant new life and a new, improved menu with fresh ingredients and the many benefits of growing your own food. Tell us about your culinary garden ideas to get started.

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