Sage Celebrates Earth Day

Earth Day was established to bring awareness to and show support for environmental protection. Since a large part of sagegreenlife is preserving nature and bringing it into everyday life, we wanted to celebrate Earth Day the sagegreenlife way.

We turned to LYFE Kitchen, a friend of Sage and Chicago-based restaurant committed to helping people "Love Your Food Everyday", to provide organic food for our guests to snack on. The hit of the evening was the unfried buffalo strips, a perfect alternative to greasy bar food. For drinks, Vincent was there with organic and locally-sourced craft cocktails. The drinks were light and refreshing, and the fresh herbs really made a difference.

 The wonderful bartenders from Vincent

The Slow Rochester from Vincent in Wasara tumblers

Wheat berry salad from LYFE Kitchen

To make sure our Earth Day party wasn’t wasteful, we used Wasara tableware. All the cups and plates are 100% recycled material, and they’re compostable as well as recyclable. We also donated all leftover food to local charities.

Keri from LYFE Kitchen explains the amazing food to guests

Soil-free succulents adorned every table

Purple and white flowers stand out in Ambienta

We were so thrilled with the positive response to our Earth Day party. Being able to show people how sagegreenlife preserves and brings nature in while also being eco-friendly was what celebrating Earth Day was all about for us.

Preserve nature beyond Earth Day: bring nature into any space with Ambienta and Edelwhite.

All photos by Angela Mejia (Angiestar Studios)

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