Sagegreenlife Living Walls: Transform Your Store From Stopover to Destination

We have a special relationship with nature; whether it’s walking through the woods on a spring day or hiking along a flowing stream, we can’t exist without living greenery and plant life. Live plants have the ability to boost our mood and make us feel better physically — just by being in their presence.

While most of us aren’t able to be outside as much as we would like, thankfully we can bring nature inside to transform any environment.

And when retail designers and store owners bring nature into a commercial space, it generates a score of positive benefits for all who spend time there – both employees and visitors.

The Restorative Powers of Nature

Happier, healthier employees are just one of the many benefits of keeping plants in an indoor environment. Plants have the power to:

  • Provide cleaner air

  • Boost mood

  • Lower the risk of illness and allergy symptoms

  • Enhance concentration and memory

  • Foster creativity

  • Increase productivity

  • Lower blood pressure

  • Increase feelings of well-being

  • Increase energy and lower fatigue

The restorative power of plants on the mind, body and spirit are endless. What client wouldn’t want to return to a store regularly when it feels so good to be there?

Low Maintenance

For those concerned about the upkeep and maintenance it takes to have lush greenery in your storefront, we’ve got it covered. A Sagegreenlife Living Wall makes it easy to incorporate nature into any space. We created a way for everyone to have the luxury of thriving, practically self-sustaining, living works of art on store walls for all to enjoy and to reap the many health benefits.

While many indoor plants require the perfect conditions and environment to survive, like plenty of sunlight and regular watering, Sagegreenlife Living Walls are designed using patented hydroponic (soil-less) technology to provide an ideal rooting and growing system. That means no one has to worry about added maintenance in an already busy retail environment.

Some designer plant wall systems look great, but don’t function as well, causing water to pool at the bottom of the wall and leaving upper plants to wither and die. Our modular system is designed to be low maintenance and aesthetically impressive, so owners can get all the benefits of a living wall without all the upkeep.

What is a Living Wall?

A Sagegreenlife Living Wall is an amazing, one-of-a-kind work of living greenery art that our design team and master horticulturalists construct to fit perfectly within each space. Natural, living greenery transforms any wall – interior or exterior, columns, or curved surfaces – into a lush vertical garden. Designers and store owners can choose to incorporate a Living Wall around existing signage, displays, or choose a floor-to-ceiling option for a dramatic effect.

We help make it simple to select a design, then we seed the plants directly into our patented, non-decaying basalt rock fiber Biotiles®. These Biotiles provide the wall with necessary nutrients, water and airflow so plants can thrive. Our in-house plant experts help clients select plants that grow best in their specific environment so they will thrive long term. We also work with local nurseries to select plants that grow well in each specific climate.

A Living Wall can be built-in to the walls of a store and directly connected to an existing plumbing system in as little as 8-10 weeks. Special drip tubes within the tiles irrigate the plants with just the right amount of water 24/7, so maintenance and upkeep are minimal. Owners and employees alike can simply enjoy the convenience, beauty and health benefits of indoor greenery.

Sagegreenlife Living Walls Can Also Be Portable!

When a portable option is the best fit for a location, we offer the Verdanta™ Collection of customizable, rolling partitions and freestanding living walls. These mobile walls contain their own irrigation systems powered by a standard electrical outlet.

Another option for bringing a living garden into a commercial environment is with a Flourish Wall. These are freestanding, customizable, one-sided walls that are sized to fit within a particular space. Flourish Walls can also be moved to another location if needed.

Going Green Makes a Difference

Each of the Sagegreenlife Living Walls offers an energy-efficient return on investment. When we create healthier workspaces, we create happier employees, who in turn offer a better customer experience for shoppers. Sagegreenlife Living Walls foster increased attendance and positivity for an outstanding overall experience. Not to mention, a Living Wall would separate any retailer from the competition and create a rewarding and memorable visit every time a customer enters the store.

We’re happy to share information about the transformative powers of living greenery in any commercial environment. Connect with us to take the first step toward creating a unique space for all to enjoy.

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