Sagegreenlife Partners with Gensler on Verdanta TM, the Next-Gen Green Wall


Living Design Company and Leading Architecture Firm Create Inventive Greenery-Based Product Specifically for Healthy Office Environments

CHICAGO (June 12, 2017) – Sagegreenlife, a design and manufacturing company specializing in living garden walls, partnered with renowned global architecture firm Gensler to create a pioneering double-sided green partition titled VerdantaTM. The plant-filled portable wall was made to simply and beautifully bring life to workplaces and other commercial spaces.

In a survey of HR and finance executives, 83 percent said that employee wellness and productivity is their top concern (HUB International, 2016). Research shows that keeping plant life in the office – using living products like VerdantaTM – can increase productivity by 15 percent, causing workers to complete tasks more quickly, but without an accompanying rise in errors (Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied, 2014). Even a single plant improves a person’s mood, diminishing anxiety and depression (Sydney University of Technology, 2010).

“We are proud to introduce VerdantaTM to the public, as we feel it’s an ideal solution for offices looking to energize and bring nature into their spaces in a way that is highly impactful but easy to maintain,” said Sagegreenlife Founder and Managing Member Richard Kincaid. “The flexibility of a movable double-sided living wall is something we are eager to bring to market because it fulfills the needs of the fluid, people-focused workplaces of today.”

Each VerdantaTM panel boasts 240 plants, each meticulously selected, placed and grown by Sagegreenlife’s horticultural design experts prior to installation in a client’s space. At nearly 6 feet tall and 4 feet wide, the panel is able to serve as a partition or divider in a space, providing a sight and sound barrier that allows for private meetings or focused individual work.

As with all of the company’s living walls, VerdantaTM utilizes a soil-free growth material that keeps the area mess and bug-free, a welcome quality for busy offices. Sagegreenlife’s patented hydroponic system, the Biotile®, features a layered basalt rock fiber that evenly and continuously distributes water, oxygen and nutrients, resulting in stronger, healthier and longer-lasting plants that use 75 percent less water than any other living wall product available today.

The integrated self-contained irrigation system makes watering a streamlined process, and specialized LED growth lights ensure the plants get the nutrients they need to flourish. The lights allow for the panel to be placed where it is most needed within a space, rather than being limited by a need to be situated near a window.

“Based on our research, interaction with live plants provides proven wellness benefits in most spaces and environments. However, our ability to implement green solutions at an appropriate scale and level of investment has been difficult, until now,” said Steven Meier, Gensler Chicago’s Principal in Product Design. “By reimagining the humble partition wall as something that promotes both aesthetics and productivity, we have created an essential element to any progressive and people-focused environment.”

Sage and Gensler now have a solution that integrates live plants into hospitality, retail, office and mixed-use spaces in a flexible way and is not reliant on costly infrastructure to implement. VerdantaTM give’s architects, designers and building owners an affordable and scalable platform that provides well-being and acoustic benefits tailored to available space, infrastructure, and use.

VerdantaTM will be available for purchase in Fall 2017; pricing information to be announced in the coming months.

About Sagegreenlife Sagegreenlife is dedicated to building a better quality of life through living design. The company designs, manufactures and installs living green walls that can be scaled for any size project and interior design products that reimagine the way people interact with nature. Through advanced patented hydroponic technology, Sagegreenlife is committed to designing healthy, sustainable and aesthetically captivating spaces. With an array of design capabilities, Sagegreenlife is at the forefront of the green design industry.

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About Gensler Gensler is a global architecture, design and planning firm with 44 locations and more than 5,000 professionals networked across Asia, Europe, Australia, the Middle East and the Americas. Formally founded in 1965, Gensler serves more than 3,500 active clients in virtually every industry. Gensler designers strive to make the places people live, work and play more inspiring, more resilient and more impactful.

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