Size, Shape and Brand: How a Living Wall Can Be Designed to Represent Your Company

Vertical walls create dynamics in an otherwise static space, flowing with an outdoor breeze or shifting subtly as a result of the energy from a passerby. These walls also offer many advantages for businesses, like cleaner air, better insulation, reduced energy costs and other benefits of having living greenery at the office.

But beyond these environmental assets, living walls can also be designed to represent your client’s company through personalized size, shape and brand.

Want to make a statement and reflect company values in a uniquely visual expression? The expert design consultants at Sagegreenlife Living Walls work with you to create a custom-designed living wall that not only enhances the environment, but represents a business through branding.

How is this possible?

Sagegreenlife Living Walls are as flexible and scalable as you need.

Because Sagegreenlife Living Walls are a modular system, we can make your architectural vision a reality. Since our walls are scalable to practically any size and shape, fit into nearly any indoor or outdoor application and are uniquely created for each specific project, we can easily incorporate company logos and a personalized corporate essence into living wall designs to make a statement and reinforce branding.

For example, sharp, angular living wall designs suggest an edgier, modern feel, while a soft, flowing layout represents movement and harmony. A yoga studio may lend itself to a curvilinear living wall design, while a technology firm may opt for a living wall with crisp, angular lines.

You can start small and scale up, or make a bold statement with an entire wall of living plants for maximum floor-to-ceiling impact.

Customized patterns can transform a living wall into a logo wall.

With forethought and planning, it’s possible to arrange plants into a customized pattern of texture and color to represent a company logo, readable text or graphic symbols. Think of the impact a wall of flourishing plants — that also incorporates the business logo — can have for clients who first walk through the front door of a retail environment or corporate headquarters.

When you partner with the expert design consultants at Sagegreenlife, we can transform your two-dimensional layouts into three-dimensional, living creations that are highly recognizable as a company’s logo, character, mascot — you name it.

Sagegreenlife Living Walls are built to last.

The quality and sustainability of Sagegreenlife Living Walls are as solid as our designs. Our master horticulturists work with local nurseries to select plants that will thrive in your particular climate, inside or outside. And with a 95 percent plant survival rate, you can be assured that your client’s investment in a Sagegreenlife Living Wall delivers a return for many years to come.

Our patented Biotile™ system uses basalt rock fiber, or rockwool, to evenly distribute water, oxygen and nutrients to the plants. Combined with our self-irrigation technology, Sagegreenlife Living Walls are 10 times more water efficient than soil-based vertical gardens.

And if you’re concerned about upkeep and maintenance, you don’t have to worry. This unique system practically takes care of itself, so companies can focus on what they do best, without concern for an extensive amount of time and effort taking care of plants.

Portable options offer even more flexibility.

Growing businesses may want to take advantage of our Verdanta™ Collection for the same quality and design on a smaller, portable scale. That way, as the company expands, the living walls grow with it and transform any space into a more personalized one. Plus, Verdanta Collection walls come with built-in LED grow lights and self-irrigation, so all you have to do is plug it into a wall outlet and enjoy all the benefits of a living wall.

When it comes to innovation, flexibility and quality, Sagegreenlife Living Walls make it easy for any business to incorporate plants into its interior and exterior spaces and maximize branding efforts at the same time.

Learn more about our living walls. Tell us about your latest architectural design project to get started. We look forward to hearing from you.

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