So Many Benefits, So Little Maintenance: Why Sagegreenlife is the Last Word in Living Walls

Maybe you’ve heard that living walls require a significant amount of upkeep and maintenance, making them difficult to implement in design and architecture projects. Or, maybe you aren’t aware of the full repertoire of health benefits vertical gardens provide for any environment.

Does a living wall really help people feel better, experience the advantages of cleaner air, and be more productive at work just by having living greenery in the space?

The short answer to that is an emphatic yes, and these are the very reasons we believe that everyone should have the luxury of a living wall with none of the hassles.

We want to help designers and architects understand how all living walls are not created equal, and what makes Sagegreenlife’s Living Walls truly the best choice – the last word – in living walls.

Our unique design offers the highest quality and the lowest maintenance.

While some living walls require the same level of commitment and maintenance as taking care of a large garden, Sagegreenlife’s Living Walls are designed to be much more self-sufficient.

We understand that you or your clients might not have the time or knowledge to care for a vertical garden in a way that ensures it is receiving just the right amount of water, aeration, and fertilizer to keep it healthy and beautiful.

And, maybe it’s not in a client’s budget to hire a professionally trained maintenance technician to handle gardening needs.

This is why Sagegreenlife’s Living Walls are designed for the maximum health and aesthetic benefits with the lowest upkeep.

We use a patented hydroponic (soilless), non-decaying system that waters itself, providing just the right amount of moisture day and night. Plants are seeded directly into our innovative Biotiles®, which are made of basalt rock fiber. They give living walls all the nutrients they need and allow for the proper amount of water and airflow for the full life of the installation.

These boundary-pushing Biotiles, combined with our special “drip tubes” that connect to the building’s existing plumbing, provide around-the-clock irrigation.

Yet another advantage of Biotiles is that they are a modular design, so we can create a unique living wall that fits into virtually any space and configuration you can envision.

Sagegreenlife’s Living Walls are available in portable, freestanding designs as well, complete with self-contained irrigation and nutrient systems for the ultimate flexibility and all the same benefits as any other built-in wall.

Visually appealing to enhance any environment both indoors and out.

Our master horticulturists can help you design a wall of greenery and flowers that’s not only visually appealing, but environmentally enhancing as well.

Think colorful roses or bright calendula that add a pop of color to a home or office environment. These beautiful flowering plants come with their own set of health benefits.

Roses have natural oils that contain a multitude of skin-improving advantages like added moisture, astringent, and anti-inflammatory properties. The bright calendula flowers offer high levels of antioxidants, plus increased hydration and circulation.

Other blooms like lavender and rosemary have lovely purple flowers that emit fresh scents.

Lavender has a calming effect and infuses the air with a pure, relaxing aroma. Rosemary has refreshing and stimulating properties for memory retention and enhanced focus – a great choice for an office environment.

Whether inside a home, office, or store, colorful plants as part of a living wall are sure to enhance any environment in mind, body, and spirit.

Sagegreenlife’s Living Walls provide the best return on your investment.

Living walls can help clients achieve LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) certifications, as well.

A Sagegreenlife Living Wall also helps your clients achieve a happier, healthier environment with lower carbon emissions and nourishment for better health through improved air quality. And, it’s all part of an aesthetically pleasing experience.

Sagegreenlife’s Living Walls are custom-designed using our innovative, low-maintenance system. Our horticulturists work with local nurseries to design a living wall that suits the space’s climate and conditions. The result is a beautiful, functional, visually-appealing, health-promoting vertical garden that clients will undoubtedly enjoy for years to come.

That’s the Sagegreenlife difference.

Want to learn more about installing a living wall? We’d love the opportunity to talk to you. Send us a message to get started.

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