Spending the Summer at Work? Bring the Outdoors In!

Whether you’re working from home or in a traditional office this summer, it can be tough to gaze out the window at the beautiful weather from your desk chair. We can’t always be outside to enjoy the warmer months, but bringing glimpses of nature to your workspace can help bring the outdoors to you – all through the year.

Here are a few pieces that will help you appreciate nature from the comfort of your desk:

A fun art print brings the outdoors in

Dusk and Dawn Art Print

by Eve Sand

Printed with rich archival pigment inks, this modern artwork is infused with complimentary colors to brighten up your workspace. Try combining multiple pieces of art together to create a montage of your favorite landscapes, abstract or otherwise.

Dusk and Dawn abstract art: Starting at $20

Shop here 

Ambienta is a great way to bring the outdoors into a boring, dark work space


by Sagegreenlife

With its multifunctional modern design and hydroponic technology, the Ambienta lamp adorns your desk with easy-to-maintain living decor. Specifically designed to support six plants and improve the air quality in your space, the piece will provide you with additional lighting as well as lush greenery.

Ambienta lamp: $270

Plant palette: $35.95 - $39.95

Shop here

Bring the beach to your desk with ocean-themed candles and diffusers

Waterscape Candles + Diffuser

by West Elm

Incorporate elements of the sea into every workday with this set of scents. With a textured, beachy design, they emit fragrant notes of coconut water, sandalwood, jasmine petals and vanilla that will make you feel as if you’re relaxing by the ocean, even if you’re just taking another trip to the water cooler.

Candles + diffuser: Starting at $29

Shop here

Edelwhite brings plants where there isn't a lot of space- hang it on the wall to keep it out of the way.


by Sagegreenlife

Having greenery on your desk is great, but surrounding yourself with plants on the walls can be even better! Get creative with displaying the Edelwhite living frame, hanging it vertically or grouping a few into a mosaic arrangement.

Edelwhite frame: $59.95

Plant palette: $35.95- $39.95

Shop here

Sand art brings a natural, earthy element to your work space

Black Horizon Sand Art

by Pitkin Sterns

Framed with beechwood and a black matte finish, this interactive and ever-changing sand art adds a natural, earthy element to your workspace. Sand in shades of ruby, black and gold create flowing peaks and valleys that shift when you flip the frame.

Klaus Bosch Collection Sand Art: $54.94

Shop here

No matter where you find yourself this summer, there are great ways to get the sensation of the outdoors without stepping foot outside. Embrace nature right from your desk with these products, and you’re sure to feel more relaxed as you check items off your to do list each day!

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