The Best Off-Registry Wedding Gifts

When you’re attending a wedding, you don’t always want to get the gifts that are on the wedding registry. Buying sheets and towels for someone can feel dull. However, it can be difficult to think of your own unique and useful gifts for the couple. Here is a list of gift ideas to go off-registry and still get the couple a thoughtful gift they will love and enjoy:

1. Indoor Plants - The Ambienta or Edelwhite both are beautiful ways to bring nature into any space. A couple who travels a lot would appreciate an Ambienta or Edelwhite, as they only need to be watered every 7-14 days. No more hiring someone to water the plants while you're gone! The style is fairly modern, but simple enough to fit in with any decor. Ambienta and Edelwhite are thoughtful, useful, creative, and beautiful gift ideas.

Ambienta and Edelwhite make great wedding gifts, especially for a couple that loves to travel.

2. Charity Donation – Donating to the couple’s favorite charity is a great way to show them that you pay attention to their interests and care about the things they value. If the couple is changing their names, it is also a fun idea to make the donation in their new name(s). It is a beautiful way they can see their new name(s) making the changes they would like to see in the world.

3. Subscription Service – Getting gifts is always fun! During the time of a wedding the couple receives many gifts, but wouldn't it be be nice for a newly married couple to experience that excitement throughout their first few months or year of marriage? A subscription service can deliver meals or food/gift baskets every month. If the couple drinks wine, there are several wine of the month clubs where you can order an annual or 6-month subscription for them. Or if they love to cook, many cities have local CSA (community supported agriculture) groups that send monthly packages of produce from local farms. It's a great way to try new foods and help their local community.

A CSA subscription is a great way to help the newlyweds support their local community.

4. Personalized/Monogrammed Items – Couples can always use stationery, especially after any name change or wedding, when they're sending out tons of thank you cards. Other useful personalized items are monogrammed robes, glasses and barware, or coasters. This helps the couple celebrate their new life together, and they'll think of you and their wedding day each time they use the item.

Shopping for just the right wedding gift can be difficult, especially if you want to go off-registry. These are just a few great ideas that make a lasting impact on the couples’ new life together.

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